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Chapter 198 - The prehistory of the creatures of the earth.

198,1. I said, “Oh just ask, there should never be a lack of answers, and constantly in such which alone hide the constant and indestructible external and inner truth of life in itself! Thus just pay very good attention to what I will tell you in answer to your question!

198,2. You see, as on countless other worlds similar to this earth, there had here existed prior to the first true men beings that in their outer form bore a considerable resemblance to the present-day human beings. And there have been many epochs on this earth, in the course of which an earlier generation completely vanished and was always gradually replaced by another that was superior in some respect.

198,3. A very long time ago, before such races replaced one another usually every 7,000 years but definitely every 14,000 years, the Earth became only animated by all sorts of plant life on the waterless parts and only after that all sorts of great and small warm-blooded animals gradually emerged. The kingdom of water animals and afterwards the amphibians however was already before the greatest vegetation of the dry lands extremely strongly and powerfully represented, just as the kingdom of all sorts of flying insects like the fly and thousands of their sort, and with them almost the same original types of birds, which of course now no longer exist, although the fly as the first living creature and as the beginning of all flying animals is the same till today on the planet and will remain so in the future.

198,4. When the Earth became ever more humus-rich and through frequent inner, greatest outbreaks of fire, through which the hardened underwater ground was broken up forcibly in many thousand points into long and outstretched ranges of mountains and also so formed through other powerful storms of the air and in the waters, so that both as a consequence of the greater and drier spaces, as their more solid ability to bring forth vegetation already more perfect beings equipped with more intelligence could find their subsistence. Only then the created men were called into individual existence through the wisest, eternal and almighty spirit of God.

198,5. From then on they changed, as has already been shown, during for you all incomprehensibly long times of the Earth, and always one more perfect race suppressed the previous, less perfect one.

198,6. You see, over this dry point, which certainly stands raised more than twenty men’s height over the sea level of this small lake, the sea has stood many thousand times a thousand times. It certainly was dry again with an often greatly changed form just as now. And before 6000 years will pass by from now, it will find itself under the sea again and then in a time of again about 9 to10,000 years find itself dry again like now. That change will constantly happen on earth until the earth, or rather its matter, will have completely been transformed into life.”

198,7. Hiram says, “Oh Lord and only Master of all life and existence! How will things stand for the people who will certainly also still exist then at another flood? They will all then be miserably drowned again!”

198,8. I say, “Oh not at all; for such periodic floods of the sea occur always very slowly and quite unnoticed, so that all the people can find sufficient time to escape the sea to the southern parts of the Earth, in which the sea through its retreat will liberate extremely large dry areas of land, because in such periods it will flow more towards the north again. And like that it will be again at its retreat to the south.

198,9. Thus people have nothing at all to fear any more, and My spirit will lead them then so that they will take the right precautions a long time in advance. Have you understood that now a little?”

198,10. Hiram says, “Yes, it indeed seems to me as if I have understood it; but in order to reach a very clear insight into these never-before imagined and even less heard-of wonderful circumstances, which lie somewhere in the most enormous great nature of the great world and its order, there more than my infinitely limited understanding is needed! I cannot possibly understand it in its basics; but I believe you at you word; for you are wise enough to know all this very exactly, since your spirit, as Aziona told me today, is supposed to be quite one in power, in sight and in highly most perfect realization with the spirit of the very highest divinity, which I do not see how that is possible, but I believe it, because you now have given us such extremely powerful evidence of this. Perhaps a time will still come for us in which we will see things better than now; but for now we must only believe.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-198 Chapter