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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-199 Chapter

Chapter 199 - The diversity of the worlds.

199,1. Here Aziona says, “But tell me, you incomprehensible wise man, is there in the endless universe of creation then other such worlds, on which, let’s say, people have the same job just like us in everything?”

199,2. Say I: “Friend, just look at your body with a correct attentiveness and you will notice a number of different limbs and parts! Can these only have one designation? Can the brain and the stomach have one and the same designation, or the eye and the ear, the hands and the feet, or the nose and the mouth? Look, the human body is put together from so countless many smallest parts in the very most artistic way, even the two very next and most similar parts, forming one and the same organ, do not have the very same character and designation!

199,3. For example, firmly side by side sit two individual nerves. Both receive the same food and are animated by the same fluid of life, and their job is to hold two hairs standing firmly side by side onto the head and to make them grow. Well, these two most insignificant nerves should also be fully similar to one another in determination as the same cause of exact effects! But I say: Oh not at all! These two nerves are just as little similar to each other in designation as a man and a woman, and therefore also their inner organism is a thoroughly different one.

199,4. But you now think and say to yourself: Yes, then two male and two female nerves must indeed be fully similar to one another! And I say to you: Not at all as absolute as you imagine! For if that were the case, all the hairs would have to grow on one and the same place on the head, or a very similar next male nerve organization would, only one millimeter away standing over a differently created main place, not bring any other hair to grow. Yes, it can even happen that the necessary and by all nature required desire for assimilation will also become stronger in the nerves of the roots of the hair, than is in order. But what would be the consequence of that? You will soon and easily be able to count the hairs on your head!

199,5. Such an event in the body of a person is certainly an involuntary one; but nonetheless it mostly rests as a posit of the disordered striving of a sensual and material soul. The drive for assimilation is indeed necessary for reproduction and maintenance of natural life, but in its strength over or under the degree set by nature itself it is the death of the same.

199,6. Let’s suppose there was not the very slightest appeal to assimilation between the male and female sex, as among the animals, then the reproduction of the natural life would certainly have an end. You will both see the reason very well. The complete lack of this attraction would accordingly be also the obvious death for all natural life. But likewise an assimilation appeal and really drive which crosses all limits equals obvious death of natural life and with it also very easily the life of the soul.

199,7. For example, the eye has the desire for assimilation with light. If this is not kept within correct limits and a person begins to look directly into the sun the eye soon becomes dead and thus blind through such a powerful overstimulation. And so it is with all human senses.

199,8. But the mutual appeal for assimilation can be kept in its saving limits only if the free soul is given laws according to which it can direct the way of its natural life with sure steps. Naturally such laws can only be given as fully effective and bringing blessings by Him who created heaven, spirits, sun, stars, the moon, this Earth and everything that is in it, on it and over it, breathes and live. And from the side of the creator this is also happened at all times; only there was always only few who have seriously observed such laws in everything. Those however who lived according to such statutes have always also harvested the true temporal and eternal blessings of it; the lethargic, the despisers and the unbelievers however have experienced the opposite in themselves as well as in their peers.

199,9. From everything that has been said, however, it emerges for your main question that in the whole endless universe of creation there is no other planet which has exactly the same and – I say – very highest designation and inner and outer set-up needed to reach the same as just this Earth.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-199 Chapter