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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-200 Chapter

Chapter 200 - The difference between the people of this earth and those of the other worlds.

200,1. (The Lord) “To be sure, you will find everywhere animals that resemble those on earth, likewise people, — but nowhere in such a variety and diversity, for everywhere there are fewer species, both in the kingdom of plants and in that of animals, and the people do not live according to a free order but are more under judgment and act instinctively rather than according to some free cognition won spontaneously and based on experience.

200,2. On the vast, great solar worlds everything that is found on the planets revolving around them is fundamentally represented in the corresponding solar zones or regions. Also, there is much wisdom among their various people capable of speech. But their language and often considerable wisdom are instinctive and given rather than free and somehow freely acquired through personal endeavor and activity. [More on this subject in the Lorber work `The Natural Sun`. Ed.]

200,3. But therefore there is no such thing there as merit, just as it is on this earth no merit for the bee to build the artful honeycomb out of the substance it has gathered from the flowers and then prepared. For surely the bee must appear to every thinker as a tool of an otherworldly spiritual intelligence rather than some independent, freely acting being. Almost the same thing applies to the human beings on all other earth globes, even though their external forms often are incomparably more beautiful and noble than those of the people on this earth.

200,4. But indeed all the other human beings inhabiting the various celestial globes are yet far in advance of the instinct of the animals of this earth; for there is within them a certain tiny life-sphere, within which they have a kind of free cognition so that they are able to recognize a Supreme Deity, Whom they worship in their own way. Of course, the manner of worship on these very diverse earths and worlds varies very much.

200,5. Nearly all the animals of this earth also have more or less a tiny trace of a freedom-sphere within their souls, wherefore they can be tamed and taught to perform certain tasks, but this cannot be compared to the small sphere of free cognition in the human beings of other worlds. — Now I think My answer to your main question should satisfy you. Do you two now understand these things?"

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-200 Chapter