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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-202 Chapter

Chapter 202 - The question on the Messiah.

202,1. And Hiram answered, “Oh Lord full of omnipotence and wisdom! That was something indescribable!! Truly, the last and really innermost, immense earth was a world full of the most splendid wonders. Everything was of such a colossal size that we felt in comparison with the people there — who, by the way, were very good-looking — like mice compared to an elephant. Everything there, particularly halfway up the mountains, was on this scale, but below in the valleys things resembled more the conditions on our earth. It would require a hundred years and even more to describe everything we have seen there.

202,2. Now we can thoroughly understand that the sole destiny of the earth is to carry true children in the image of the Supreme God, and we also understand that you must be completely filled with such a Supreme Spirit out of God. Otherwise you could not reveal that star Saturn so magnificently and bring it close to us for inspection. Indeed, Lord and Master, He Who created such things must be great, mighty and wise beyond our comprehension. Surely it would mean far more to us to know Him better than to retain the wonderful vision we just had and gaze at all the countless stars at close range."

202,3. We will now accordingly beg you and also this young man from the bottom of our hearts to teach us to know the actual creator of the whole spiritual and material world so truly so that we can form a very proper understanding of Him, and so that we – as, according to your words, the most perfect people and thus as positive children of His – also know what we have to do for Him in order to be as worthy as possible of what we are already through His will and what we should be even more. For we are serious people and have a will that is difficult to bend; but what we once accept and advocate, is then also advocated by stone-hard people and no changelings.”

202,4. I said, “Now see, we have now come to the actual point for the sake of which alone we came to visit you, and through us you shall get to know the creator of all the countless miracles not only more closely, but as completely as possible, as well as His will, which is easy to fulfill. This is so because every person only becomes a true child of the very highest and only true God, equipped with all gifts of wisdom and power, through the perfect fulfillment of the perceived divine will. But we have already mentioned the supposed coming Messiah of the Jews! But I would like to hear from you now a very true opinion about this issue of the Jews! Thus speak without any shyness!”

202,5. Hiram thought for a few minutes and then said, “Yes, yes, Lord and Master in all things and events, we have mentioned this briefly earlier today! I have read in the Jewish books almost everything covering this; in itself, everything sounded so strange and was so full of all sorts of mystical, incomprehensible images that I, at least, could not learn anything! I asked very intelligent Jews about it at the best opportunity and convinced myself only too soon that they did not know any more about it than I, and so I must say to you out of my previous common sense only what partly I and partly also other very clear-thinking people have concluded about it.

202,6. Well, at least until now, every people on the Earth has been more or less, barring some higher revelations, the self-creator of their religion, their traditions and habits and their positive hopes and will probably remain so for the most part! And that also seems to be the case with the Jews.

202,7. In a larger nation things go worryingly or even badly for more or less nine tenths of people, and only one tenth can say: It is just about bearable until death! What is left then but to somehow animate the faith of a poor nation and to comfort them through all sorts of hopes sprung from the innate human poetry, either with an Elysium on the other side or with a wonderful Messiah (savior) quite identical to a first divinity. In addition naturally generation to generation goes to the grave in such hope full of blessed expectation and then rests quite calmly without faith or hope in the friendly, cool Mother Earth. I for my part do not criticize the issue at all; but things are not the way that people imagine it, despite all my sincerity!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-202 Chapter