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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-205 Chapter

Chapter 205 - The explanation of the term "Messiah"

205,1. Says Hiram: "Well yes, this is exactly what I am talking about. Mankind must be taught the fundamentals of truth and then be encouraged to practice them strictly according to the precept. In this way it will be easily redeemed from the unfortunately greatest arch-evil, called 'indolence', and thereby also from all the other lesser evils of body and soul resulting from it.

205,2. Since You know the arch-evil from its roots, You would be an ideal Messiah to do this. Well, I may be mistaken in this, but on the other hand I am of the opinion that no Messiah will be able to give mankind a different precept from the one You are giving, You Who truly knows all things, matters and circumstances of all men and creatures, and to Whom also all the forces of nature and all the spirits and gods of all regions are faithfully and obediently subject. For us here, speaking most honestly, You and the young man there are a fully true Messiah; as far as the other numerous people of the Earth are concerned, they affect us even less than nothing. If You are not enough for them, they may bring one over from India, Persia or Egypt!

205,3. But as far as the teaching of Yours as a true maxim for life for the people of flesh and soul of this Earth is concerned, I believe that I have it figured out its basic elements! Love for God, respectively You, and from this the true, most unselfish love for one’s neighbor is and remains eternally the foundation stone on which the whole system of life seems to rest. To this rule there must be no exception, in whichever sphere of affliction a person might need genuine help. If one stops steadfastly for this reason and then becomes active with all strength, it must unmistakably happen that one is released at least from the main hereditary sin in the shortest time! Am I right or not?”

205,4. Say I: “I knew indeed that you would find your way; for a truly wise man is always a true Messiah for the unwise natural man, that is, he is a mediator (Mesziaz) between pure human reason and divine-spiritual wisdom and, thus, only reason can gain entrance into divine wisdom and become at one with it through the Mesziaz.

205,5. The wiser the intermediary is, the better success he will certainly achieve among his followers. And if the follower then walks steadfastly along the path of inner spiritual light, he will also remain in the light and make the life of light his own, which death cannot follow, because the life of the spiritual light is the eternal, unchanging and eternal truth, which must also eternally remain as what it is; for two and two will always give a total of four in all eternity.

205,6. The way it goes with this truth which is just an example, it goes with all divinely spiritual truths from heaven. They are and remain eternally, and they themselves are alone the actual true life, because they would not be truths without life. So a soul, once it has entered such truths entirely, can never taste death, and as light and truth itself also has completely embraced the life inside itself, and that is of course a result of a genuine mediator.

205,7. Therefore, My dear Hiram, you are quite right in assuming that I am a true mediator and redeemer. But it says in Scripture that the promised mediator will be a Son of the Supreme God. According to this, no mere son of the earth, however wise, could be a true, great mediator between the fallen men of the earth and the Supreme Spirit of God. He would surely have to be in full possession of a divine nature and divine attributes and, where necessary, display these openly. — What is your opinion to this?"

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-205 Chapter