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Chapter 222 - The disciples' amazement about the changed scenery. On fasting.

222,1. The disciples, since they had slept too little the evening before, had lain down after the morning meal under the shady trees, had fallen deeply asleep and thus knew nothing about the exchange between Me and Epiphan. But he now went at My command and woke them from their sleep.

222,2. But when they became active, they opened wide their eyes and asked one another very amazed where they were now; for the area looked so very different after its transformation from the previous desert that they could not understand it at all. Previously Aziona’s hut had been built rather in a do it yourself way, partly from shapeless stones and partly from mud and reeds, and now in its place stood a remarkable house, surrounded by fruit trees and a beautiful garden; and a very good stable for the domestic animals and a great barn for grain were set up very well not far from the house. In addition the previously very barren mountains were now thickly wooded, and the likewise just as barren banks of the lake were transformed into rank farmland, and thus it was understandable that My disciples could not understand.

222,3. Peter, James and John asked after Me, and Epiphan said that I had gone into the house in order to order the midday meal. Again they asked the one who awakened them where they were now, and he said, “On the same spot, which however through the power of the One has now indeed received a very different appearance!”

222,4. But the disciples did not really believe Epiphan and thought much more that the Lord had placed them in a very foreign area through the air like He did on the mountain of Kisjonah. Only when I Myself joined them and informed them that things were just as their friend Epiphan had said to them, did they believe that it was so, and began to be amazed at the power and strength of God in Me.

222,5. But I said to them, “Why are you so amazed then at this sign now? Did I not do the same thing for Mark?! But the only thing to be amazed about here would be actually how you were able to fall asleep so well in the middle of My discussions with this Greek here! But the flesh, the blood indeed also needs rest, and so now wake up so that none of you will fall into some temptation!

222,6. But now it has already become midday, the meals are on the table, and so we will then go and give our bodies an appropriate strengthening, so that no-one can say to us that someone has suffered need with Me. There are indeed some in Jerusalem who have and observe strict days of fasting in the opinion that they will reach the kingdom of heaven in that way; but they will be very wrong, since they expect a kingdom after the death of the body which is truly not anywhere to be found.

222,7. But I do not want to say that you should therefore be wastrels, squanderers and drunkards; but instead you should always be sober and moderate in everything and love one another, and so the world will take from this that you are truly My disciples! And now let’s go to the table!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-222 Chapter