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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-226 Chapter

Chapter 226 - The life of worldly people in the afterlife.

226,1. (The Lord) “Now there are, however, people on this Earth who as children of extremely rich parents have enjoyed every possible upbringing and education. But when they became older and achieved great posts and high positions of honor, the devil of arrogance rode into their hearts. They began to rule, to hate their fellow man, to deceive and to oppress and give in only to the desires of their senses. Their heaven, for which they strove with all greed, was called external well-being in all softness, splendor and luxury. Whatever would not serve them was often persecuted in the most terrible way and destroyed without any mercy.

226,2. But now the time and the hour is coming in which such human souls will have to leave their so beloved body according to the ordinance of the all-mighty God. What now?

226,3. You see, this type of souls have then made themselves punishable, which every only somewhat correctly thinking person must admit! And nonetheless they will not be condemned by Me, but instead placed exactly in such a condition and in such a life that is just the same as the one they had on Earth, only with the difference that far and wide their neighbors have, are and want quite the same as those who have just arrived. And then it is not long at all before the very bitterest war; for each considers himself to be the highest and most powerful, wants to rule over everyone and considers everyone who does not want to follow his orders and laws to be a punishable insurgent.

226,4. If only one, two or even three think and feel thus, but the others were humbler and more obedient spirits, then there would be a sort of monarchy in the kingdom of the spirits, where one orders and millions obey him. But it is not so there; for there everyone wants to be a monarch and rule over his just as domineering neighbors quite tyrannically. And such terrible passion then bears an almost inextinguishable mutual hate, a constant argument, conflict, persecution and a positive war, at which indeed no-one can be killed – but the mutual unlimited hate and anger transforms itself like a furious destructive fire, which burns out of the fighters, with which fire they then torment and fight each other.

226,5. Now it all depends, if such an evil club should ever achieve a sort of rest again, that a powerful spirit from the heavens will be sent out to them and creates rest through an even more powerful fire which spreads well tangible, indescribable pain, partly only for a moment, but partly also lasting for a longer time. If such souls have achieved a complete rest through this, then more and more their foolish passions are muted, the fire that torments them is extinguished and the angel spirit then teaches them about their great blindness, stubbornness and foolishness.

226,6. If one or the other unhappy and certainly miserable soul turns towards this, it will immediately cross over into a better condition; but if as the result of its inner, secret arrogance it does not want to, well, then it remains the same old fool and will receive just the same again to tackle at the earliest opportunity. And one can then say with the Romans: VOLENTI NON FIT INIURIA –even if such almost incorrigible souls were to torment themselves thus for eons of Earth years!

226,7. I believe that you all must be now quite informed about what you actually asked Me; but despite all of this I want to and I will nonetheless add something else for you – so listen to Me further!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-226 Chapter