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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-229 Chapter

Chapter 229 - The two poles of existence.

229,1. (The Lord) “You, Epiphan, indeed thought to yourself that also an idea put together out of several individual thoughts can already be a comprehensible image and thus also can belong to the counter-pole, yes, even an individual thought existing for and in itself quite defined! There you are quite right; if so, then the fixed thought is however and likewise such an idea no longer any idea, but instead already an individual expression existing for itself, because it stands in comparison with the soul as a well-formed image or as an already ordered action and thus makes up the counter-pole of the pole of life.

229,2. In the first (positive) pole there is life, activity and freedom, in the second (negative) pole there is death, lethargy and judgment; and behold, this is what hell, Satan and the devils consist of – thus a corresponding description of what I have now described as the counter-pole!

229,3. You see, the whole creation and everything that you can ever perceive with your senses are fixed thoughts, ideas and expressions of God – also you people in your sensual body; and in as far as the soul is connected to the body with its nerves and blood ether, it is also responsible for judgment and thus for death, from which however it can free itself and become quite one with its spirit from God in that it strives through its free will for the purely spiritual according to the laws of God, whereby it has transformed into the free, eternal life as self-active and independent from its old death.

229,4. But now make note of something very important! Perception and love determine the whole person to any good or also bad activity. If the realization is a spiritual one leading to God, the love will also tend towards the spiritual and thus to God and also become active, and this activity is a good one and its consequences are the blessings from the heaven of life.

229,5. But if a person from the cradle is enriched with nothing other in his recognition than only what serves love, his love will also turn completely to matter and soon head over heels become active in order to collect even more material treasures and through them to spread all the more unpleasantness for the body. At this moment the soul then completely transforms into matter, as the counter-pole of the freest divine spirit, and forms thus with the counter-pole, as caught by the same, the counter-pole, The necessary consequence of this is judgment in and through itself, the curse of life into death and in a certain way the eternal death itself. And who is guilty then – but the person himself who has done this out of his perception, love, desire and action himself!

229,6. Remember this! Wherever you speak to people, investigate there whether they know something about the soul in themselves and about the eternal life of it! If they begin to shrug their shoulders and in a certain way only say with pity: Yes, we have heard speak of it many times indeed; but daily experience teaches us that there is very little or no syllable at all of truth in it – whatever is above is nothing but a hollow entertainment of certain work-shy hungering! Then you can come to the certain conclusion that the souls of such people have been as good as completely consumed and are found now one and all in judgment.

229,7. It will cost much to release them again from their judgment and their counter-pole prison – already very difficult on this side and on the other side even more difficult, although not quite impossible. But for that a very long decline into their own judgment and death will be necessary, until all the same a little spiritual of the soul has quite consumed the own often global matter in itself and finally is forced by hunger to feel a great longing for a spiritual food. That will happen, but only after a length of time which is unthinkable for you all.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-229 Chapter