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Chapter 233 - The dissolution and emergence of the material creations.

233,1. (The Lord) “God, as the purest love in Himself, cannot do otherwise than to love His thoughts and ideas, even if they make up His counter-pole as creatures. And so even a stone cannot eternally remain a stone, and in an unthinkable number of years for you even this Earth, as all the countless other stars, become very old and soft like an old dress. And then everything will be transformed into independent spiritual things that are related to God, but for that new material creations will come forth and will, each in his own way, be led and developed.

233,2. But certainly an extremely long time of more than eons of eons of earth years will be needed for this. However it is not to be understood that one day these present creations will suddenly rise up and be called into a very new being, but instead that happens only partly, as in a virgin forest indeed the old trees die, rot and in the end completely become water, air and ether, thus become another, spiritual being, but in its place a number of other trees always cover the ground again. But as the spirit of God works in the small things, likewise he works in the big things, if one can call God ‘big’ at all.

233,3. Now I have shown you all everything clearly, without having used parables at all, as the old wise men did. But I have only shown it to you because you possess the necessary ability to understand; you do not need to pass it on to other world humanity however, except only that they should believe in My name and keep the commandments of God, since they are truly commandments of love. Everything else will in any case be revealed to the converted people by their own awakened spirit which is from God, according to the need of the soul. The children should only be satisfied with milk; once they have become manly and strong, then they will be able to digest firmer food too.

233,4. Now think about all of this in your hearts, and should anything still be somewhat unclear to you, I will remain another five days as your guest, and you can ask Me or also one of My disciples about it, and light shall be given you! But I will not give you any other teaching from now on, since I have in any case already shown and taught you everything; but as your friend I will remain, as I have said, another five days or so with you, and from time to time show you some earthly good and useful things. Now let us go however to see all the new buildings and orchards, fields, pastures and animals!”

233,5. Everyone thanked Me from the bottom of their hearts for this teaching, rose and went with Me to the neighbors. When these three new disciples had convinced themselves of everything that had happened there, they could not be amazed enough and taught their neighbors about Me and abut the high and holy purpose of My arrival and the neighbors now believed quite without any objection their words and were full of joy at it.

233,6. I Myself, however, taught them about the use of the many things and objects that they now had, and thereby made them into very competent farmers, which they were not before. It goes without saying that everyone had a great joy in this. And this way these remaining five days were spent in this place.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-233 Chapter