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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-234 Chapter

Chapter 234 - The transfiguration of the Lord on Mount Tabor.

Jesus in the vicinity of Capernaum. (Chap.234-243) Mt.17, 1-13

234,1. On the sixth, but actually on the seventh day I said to the disciples, “We have now worked honestly for six days and have reaped a good harvest even in this desert. But now it is time to move on again; for in other places there is still a number of fields and deserts lying fallow which we will cultivate, bless and make fruitful.

234,2. But before we move on from here, you few should stay here a time until I and Peter, John and James return to you from this high mountain, at the foot of which we are now standing, and which I will climb now with these three!”

234,3. But those who were to remain asked Me why they were not allowed to also climb the mountain.

234,4. And I said, “Because I wish it to be so!”

234,5. Then they became silent and no-one dared to ask Me about anything further.

234,6. Only Aziona commented quietly to himself: "The highest mountain is that one just before us, but it is immensely difficult to climb because of its steep rock faces"

234,7. I said, “Believe Me that no mountain is too steep for Me, and none is too high! In a few hours we will come back again and so keep a midday meal ready!”

234,8. At this I took the three mentioned disciples with Me and we set off on our way. (Mt. 17:1) On one side the mountain was easy to climb, and we reached the highest peak in a few hours; but the mountain could only be climbed by usual mountain climbers in twelve or thirteen hours because of its height, and thus this climb of ours was a sort of miracle.

234,9. Now we were on the highest summit, from which one can see almost all of Galilee, Judaea and Palestine, also a part of the real, great sea. When the three disciples, in rapture over the most glorious view, became downright transfigured, thanking Me from the bottom of their hearts for the immense pleasure, I also was transfigured, so much so that My face shone like the sun and My garments turned white, like fresh snow lit up by the sun (Mt. 17, 2). And the three disciples were full of amazement so that they could hardly speak.

234,10. After a while Peter gathered himself first and said, “Lord, are we now in heaven or simply only in paradise? It seems to me as if I can hear very quiet whispering angel voices around me!”

234,11. I said, “Neither in heaven nor in paradise IN SPECIE [specifically], but instead quite simply and naturally on the Earth! But in that we have both heaven as well as paradise in us through the power of the word of God, inasmuch as it includes what is true and good, we are indeed also in heaven and at the same time in paradise. This is exactly what transfigures your heart, and while you were transfigured in your heart before Me I also became transfigured externally before your eyes so that you might become aware of being at the same time in paradise and in heaven, since your heart is full of the true of faith and, issuing from this, the goodness of love. For, what true heaven and true paradise mean is that you believe in Me and do what I teach you and, finally, that you love Me truly with all your heart, thereby carrying the true Kingdom of God within you, which is nowhere else to be found. Once you have it within, it is also present throughout all infinity, and no matter where you may be, either here on this earth or on the moon or on one of the many stars, which are nothing but celestial globes, you are surrounded by your blissful brothers, although you are not able to see them with your physical eyes on account of your body."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-234 Chapter