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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-235 Chapter

Chapter 235 - The Lord in conversation with Moses and Elijah.

235,1. Said Peter: "Lord, I believe it says somewhere in Scripture: 'The souls of the dead will rest in the bowels of the earth till doomsday, when they will be called forth from their long sleep by the mighty trumpets of the angels. Then the righteous will rise to life eternal in the Kingdom of God, but the wicked will be cast forever into hell and will henceforth be tormented by the devils."'

235,2. I say, “I have already explained to you how the speech of the prophets is too be understood and all the same things so many times that it would now be extremely superfluous to give you any further explanations. But in order to heal you actually from your highly false opinion, I will now open your inner eye of the soul and you will then see yourself how this rest of the souls of long deceased fathers looks like and what sort of face the bosom of the Earth has!”

235,3. At this I said loudly, “Epheta!” That means: Open up!

235,4. And behold, two prophets appeared, Moses and Elijah, and spoke clearly to Me about what would happen to Me in a few years, and whether such a thing could not be changed. (Mt.17:3) But I insisted to them that I could not possibly do anything other than only what the Father, Who is in Me and lives in Me, wants.

235,5. Then both the prophets bowed deeply and said as if with one voice, “Oh Lord, Your will is alone holy and may it happen always and eternally as with us in heaven, so also among all people and spirits on Earth! We both were in our earthly lifetimes great and respected for Your name’s sake; yet we wanted rather now to be with You on Earth, like these three and the others also who are not here, although they now and for a long time will be despised and persecuted for Your name’s sake!”

235,6. I said to Elijah, “You were also with Me on the Earth recently – did Herod’s work on your flesh please you?”

235,7. Elijah said, “Not on Earth, but it pleased me all the more so here, and I would like despite all the great blessing that is now mine for eternity to walk the path of the flesh another hundred times for Your sake, no matter how miserable and thorny it is."

235,8. At this point, the disciples were overcome by sleep, so much so that they sank to the ground and for a short time were fast asleep.

235,9. But I spoke with the two prophets and said to Elijah, “At the end of times of this Earth you will indeed be sent once again in the flesh to the people of this Earth, but no longer with a veiled inner spiritual vision, but unveiled and even brighter than on the two previous occasions when you came under the name ‘Sehel’ and later ‘Elijah’, and the brother Moisez (Moses) will lead you, but purely in spirit; for his flesh will remain until the end of time the property of the Earth.

235,10. But then all flesh of this Earth will be transformed into the spiritual; you will however never need it as I gave you a new body for eternity anyway. Watch well over the children of Israel until I return soon when My greatest work will have been completed! Then I will also give you a firm chair in My new kingdom. For behold, the time is now here that I once showed you on Earth, when I will create everything anew: first My spiritual worlds, and later the same thing will happen to matter, until it has reached the correct level of full purification! But now let us wake the three again from their sleep!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-235 Chapter