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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-236 Chapter

Chapter 236 - The three disciples conversing with beings of the beyond. The spirit of God in man as a guide to all truth.

236,1. At this the three became awake again, rose from the ground and beheld Me, Moses and Elijah, without the shining light. This was very pleasant for them, since they had been extremely powerfully blinded by the previous too strong light. They told how they had spoken with many prophets from ancient times about all the states of the future life, just as if being and acting on Earth, and many secret matters had been explained to them.

236,2. Moses and Elijah however taught them further about the numerous states of the great beyond.

236,3. Then the three became so delighted and happy that Peter called out loudly to Me, “Lord, it is good for us to be here! If You wish, I will make three shelters here, one for You and one for Moses and one for Elijah!” (Mt.17:4)

236,4. And while he was still speaking about the building of the shelters, a thick, bright cloud suddenly overshadowed them, so that they could not see or make out anything for a moment.

236,5. And behold, a Voice spoke from the cloud: "Behold, this is My beloved Son, on Whom My favor rests, — you should listen to Him." (Mt. 17, 5)

236,6. The three heard this like the powerful roll of great thunder, and were terrified and fell on their faces. (Mt.17:6)

236,7. But I immediately came to them, touched them and said to them, “Stand up, and do not be afraid!” (Mt.17:7)

236,8. As they lifted up their eyes from the ground, they saw no-one but Me alone and began to wonder greatly at everything that they had seen and that had happened. (Matth.17,8) But the three now wanted to ask Me about some other things, and namely about the meaning of everything that they had seen in their dream.

236,9. But I said, “All that will be revealed to you by your spirit - which is actually My spirit within you - in your soul, so that it will be fully alive within you; for if I explain it to you now, you will accept the explained facts in your knowledge and then believe that it is so because I have explained it to you so. But then you are not in the full truth by a long shot, and that is because what is explained is not your possession, but instead only His who has explained it to you out of His living treasure; but when your spirit reveals it in your soul, then the revelation is your possession and your are then in the full truth.

236,10. But the spirit which I call your spirit, is really My spirit in you all and knows about all things and conditions just like I Myself. It can lead you into all wisdom. But now it is not yet awake in you and effective, that means that it is indeed in itself awake and effective, but its awareness and effect is still something foreign to you and not your belonging, because your soul is not yet pure enough to fully become one with My spirit.

236,11. But when I shall have ascended up into My heavens after the suffering that I have already told you about, then I will pour out the holy spirit of all truth over your souls and unite it with them. This spirit, which then will be fully one with you for eternity, will also then lead you in all truth and wisdom.

236,12. But before My ascension that I told you about do not tell anyone about what you saw here, just as nothing about what I did at Caesarea Philippi and down here with the fishermen! And now let us head down again form the mountain to the village of our fishermen!”

236,13. And we set off on the way back, and on the way I also warned the three not to tell even the other brothers anything about what they had seen until the designated time, that is, until after My rising and ascension. (Mt.17:9)

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-236 Chapter