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Chapter 237 - The incarnations of John the Baptist.

237,1. But Peter came up to Me as we were still on the way down the mountain and asked Me what that should mean, if the scribes said that Elijah must come before the arrival of the Messiah and restore all things and thus prepare the way for the Lord. (Mt.17:10)

237,2. At this I said to Peter, “The scribes are right, and you too with this question of yours! Elijah is indeed coming first and will restore everything (Mt.17:11), yet I say to you all: Elijah already came, but they did not recognize him, just as little as they now recognize Me and did to him whatever they wished. So also the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands, as I have told you already many times. (Mt.17:12) I say unto you: This whole corrupt kind will not move before they have reached the goal of their revenge and through it then also their judgment!

237,3. John, in whom Elijah’s spirit lived, did signs, taught and baptized and prepared thus the people for Me. What happened to him for this?

237,4. I Myself teach only the purest religion of life and perform signs which have never been seen before on this Earth and will never be seen again in such size and extent; therefore they have all the more anger and rage at Me and will do to Me with the permission from above what I have already pointed out to you.

237,5. Of course, the old question again and again arises in your hearts as to why I Myself allow men to do such a thing to Me. But you have been instructed often enough on this topic, and so let us go down to our people in the valley!”

237,6. When I had finished this speech, the three saw only then that John the Baptist was actually Elijah. (Mt.17:13)

237,7. But as we were still going down into the valley Peter asked Me another time and said, “Lord, but there is something strange about Elijah! He was really seriously on this Earth three times and always – let’s say – in the flesh?

237,8. The first two times as Sehel and later as Elijah, he did not die, but instead only ascended into heaven with the highly surely very transfigured body, although he was born into the world of a woman just like the last time; this last time however he had to really be de-bodied. What happened then to his previous two bodies, and what will happen to them now? In Your kingdom of heaven, when everything has been completed, will he go around with three bodies? For it is said that on the final day even the bodies will arise and be reunited with their souls! How should we understand that?”

237,9. I said, “What the resurrection of the flesh and what Judgment Day means I have given more than sufficient information on these at Caesarea Philippi and down there in the village. Did you not pay attention to My speeches? Shall I repeat for you the same thing again and again? You know something about it, but out of context, and what must be blamed for this is your still very strong Jewish faith which makes you still take everything literally in your old, queer fantasy despite My numerous explanations.

237,10. Do adopt the right viewpoint and become sensible in this My truly purest light, and you will no longer ask about such things that should have been clear to you before anyone else!

237,11. Is not the day on which a child is born into the world its youngest day? [Translator's Note: Doomsday or Judgment Day in German = Jüngster Tag, or Jüngstes Gericht (youngest day, youngest judgment). Youngest in the sense of latest. ] Or, is not even each day of your life your youngest day and your birthday, which was once your youngest day, now your oldest?

237,12. The flesh of which your body now consists will decay, transform into worms and plants and into their souls, and quit foreign beings will come from this which then will no longer have anything to do with your soul and with your spirit. Understand this! According to what has been explained to you, the youngest day [Judgment Day] for your soul will obviously be the one on which you will be taken out of your body.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-237 Chapter