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Chapter 25 - Roklus' nature, illuminated by the Lord.

25,1. Cyrenius becomes very meditative about everything he heard from Roklus and does not know at all what kind of answer he should give him. Therefore he turns to Me and says in a low voice, "Lord, the man is generally not wrong, and it seems to me that in spite of his atheism he must have quite a good heart for real mankind. If he could be brought to the true theism, he would be a golden pearl for Your purely divine cause with his enormous acumen and through his many-sided experiences. But because he has so many experiences and judgment as sharp as an eagle's sight, it is difficult, at least for me, to give him an answer from which one could expect the best success with him. How would it be if You handled him Yourself now? You could tell him with a few words more than I could. Lord, do this with this man because his views seem sound as a bell to me!"

25,2. I say, "You have judged the man quite right and that is how it is with him; none of you has so much naturally healthy, worldly experience like this Roklus and through him his eleven companions. But because in these times and often through his significant earthly treasures he came across nothing but cunning and deception and found divinity represented by the biggest and most wicked swindlers everywhere, one cannot be surprised that in the end he had to out of necessity throw the baby out with the bath water.

25,3. He searched for god quite assiduously and that is why he took all his big journeys. But the further he went, the more nonsense, folly and graspable deception he found. In the end he even let himself be initiated by the Essenians and took to it because they at least put their divination deception to the beneficial use of humanity and are very good and smart people who are open brothers to one another and do not want to have an advantage over their fellow men; this sect's tenet is, 'Know equally much, have equally much, be equally much, and do not reveal to any layman the secret of the high and thick walls, from which no misery shall originate for any person on earth, only possible salvation!'

25,4. On the whole that is certainly quite commendable, but there is a tremendous catch in faith in a god because it is a most agreed upon matter among them that, except for the secret forces of nature, there is no god and never can be one. And this is why it is difficult to get a real Essenian around to faith in a god. One must first give him many more opportunities to freely renounce everything and everyone to his heart's content. Only after he has revealed himself before you, will it be possible to do something very special with him. But he is not yet ready for it because there is still a lot in him that he has not revealed yet due to mistrust towards your Roman way of maintaining justice with the sword.

25,5. As long as a man does not dare to completely trust someone, he will never become a true friend to that someone. As long as he does not become a true, completely trusting friend to someone, he will not completely open up to that someone. If he does not completely open up to someone, the necessary, absolute renouncement will inevitably fall through. Therefore, you must strive to turn this Roklus into a completely trusting friend, and he will then tell you very strange things that will greatly amaze you!

25,6. But you must convert your highly judicial Roman countenance and virtue into those of a real friend before him, namely as open and sincere as possible, otherwise you will not get anywhere with him! If, however, you win him over, it will be easy to deal with him, and only then can I start saying more; but now with fully leaving his free will he would not even allow Me to speak, but say quite simply to Me, 'Friend, I only know the senior governor and have to deal only with him; I do not know you and thus do not know with how much I can entrust you! ‘And for the time being I could not reply to that anything but, 'Friend, you have judged quite right and well! ' Therefore for the time being seek to win him over most and only then lead him to Me, and we will soon have the whole matter settled!"

25,7. Cyrenius says, "I will try it, but I suspect that my plan will not work quite to my desire!"

25,8. I say, "Approach it the right way and it will be alright!"

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-25 Chapter