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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-257 Chapter

Chapter 257 - The Lord blesses the children.

257,1. But now the innkeeper immediately came up to Me and said, “Lord, does that also apply to us Gentiles?”

257,2. I said, “Of course! For there is only one God and Lord; He wants to bring up all people equally, and I therefore came into this world to open the door to light and life also for you Gentiles. And the time will come and it is actually already there when the light will be taken from the Jews and given to the Gentiles.”

257,3. Then the innkeeper spoke, “Very good, Lord and Master, it is good that I now know that; I will ensure that my companions remain in Your teaching and act accordingly. For I already guess whom I am dealing with! You are a God and no man; for no man has ever performed Your deeds, and the words which You have spoken have never flowed out of the mouth of a man. Such a thing is possible only for a god!

257,4. But now I have another plea for You, who has now become a true god for me. Behold, we have a large number of children in this area, and I believe that if You would bless them in Your truly all-powerful way in future that would be of a great moral use in their maturity! Lord and – let’s say – my God, have I placed a decent demand on You?”

257,5. I said, “Well, go and let the little ones come to Me!”

257,6. At this the innkeeper sent his many servants out in a hurry to the whole area to announce to everyone that they should bring their little ones, where the wonderful Savior would bless and strengthen them.

257,7. Soon afterwards a number of little children were brought to Me, so that I could lay hands on them and say the prayer of blessing over them.

257,8. Since the children pushed their way forward to Me, because some more active ones wanted to be the first with Me, the disciples rebuked them for their impolite pushing and chastised their spoiled attitude. (Mt.19:13) Then the little ones became shy and no longer dared to come near Me.

257,9. But I rebuked the disciples and said to them, “Let the little children alone; for the kingdom of heaven is theirs!” (Mt.19:14)

257,10. Then I encouraged the little ones to come to Me without fear or shyness. Then the little ones took courage again and hurried to Me. And I laid My hands on all of them and blessed them.

257,11. When this action had been done, everyone went home again after giving thanks. (Mt.19:15)

257,12. Then the innkeeper came to Me again and said, “Lord and my God! Would You show my house the great mercy and stay here for some days or weeks and months?”

257,13. I said, “As long as you remain in the teaching that you have heard from My disciples, He, whom you called a God in Me, will remain with you; but if you leave this new religion in belief and in action, this God of yours will also leave you. But I, as also a man in the flesh, must now soon depart from here; for living with Pharisees under one roof would not be particularly good – neither for the one side nor for the other.

257,14. I have now shown your house and this whole area a great benevolence without being asked! Remember this day, and if any affliction should ever press you all again, call Me only full of faith in your hearts and you will be helped!”

257,15. Then we rose quickly and departed from this place.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-257 Chapter