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Chapter 262 - The healing of the host's crippled daughter.

262,1. The host said, “If nothing is impossible for you, then you must also be able to make a very sick person healthy?!”

262,2. I said, “Oh yes, do you have one?”

262,3. The host said, “Yes, unfortunately – one of my dearest daughters – but she will be difficult to help! She is now twenty years old and was a cheerful and active child. A year ago she went to Nahim with this oldest and strongest son of mine for salt. On the way home she slipped where it is steepest and fell more than the depth of five men onto a cliff that juts out and with such a fall she broke her arms and legs. For more than three quarters of a year she suffered the greatest pain; in time the pain indeed grew less, but nonetheless she shrank to such a cripple that she will never be able to leave her bed again. Master of Masters, if you can heal this daughter of mine, then I would like to begin to believe that almost nothing more is impossible for you!”

262,4. I said, “Bring her here!”

262,5. The host said to the strong brothers of the sick sister, “Go to her room and bring her here together with her bed!”

262,6. Then the brothers hurried and brought the poor and truly very sick sister and set her before Me.

262,7. I looked at the poor patient and said to here, “Daughter, would you like to be as healthy again as you were a year ago?”

262,8. The invalid speaks with a weak voice: “Oh yes that would be a great benevolent act for me; but no healer can heal me any longer – such a thing is possible only alone for God the almighty!”

262,9. I said, “If you think and believe such a thing, then stand up and walk and give God the glory!”

262,10. In an instant the girl became as healthy as if nothing had ever been wrong.

262,11. When the host and everyone that was in the house saw this, they began to make very respectful faces, and everyone became almost speechless in amazement, and only after a while did the host say with a wondering voice, “No, that is no longer in the realm of what even a very ingeniously talented person on this Earth could learn, but instead it is an extremely rare gift and mercy from God, and we must therefore bring God, the only Lord, our general and highest praise, that He gave a man on Earth once again such a purely divine power, strength and force for the multiple salvation of man as only the great prophets ages ago possessed!

262,12. But now I understand already this first greeting of our dear, wonderful guest: Peace be with you! And: The kingdom of God has come near to you! Listen, my entire household that is a rare favorite of God, a new, great prophet! We must honor him highly for God’s sake and must listen to him!”

262,13. At this the host turned to Me and said, “You, eminent friend and master of all Masters, I have no words with which it would be possible for me to express in any way my feeling of thanks towards God and towards you, his truest, great prophet! Oh, forgive me if at the beginning of our acquaintance I expressed myself somewhat inappropriately towards you! But as you have decided to stay with us for some time, I will strive with all my strength to show you and your disciples the greatest possible thanks.

262,14. Oh, you have given me my dearest child again and thereby more than if you had given me all the riches of the world! Therefore you deserve from me the highest gratefulness after God!”

262,15. Said I: “Be calm now, Barnabe, and see that your daughter Elisa gets something to eat; for she is now fully healthy and must now also eat and drink completely so that she becomes fully strong again!”

262,16. This happened, and the healed girl rose from her bed, dressed herself quickly out of necessity, then hurried to Me, grabbed My hand hastily and pressed it to her beautiful mouth with tears of thanks and then said, sobbing with thanks and great, blessed joy, “Oh, you truly all-powerful friend and Master! Since everything is possible for you, it will also not be impossible for you to look into my heart; there you will find thanks written with the glowing letters of love, which I will owe you forever!”

262,17. Said I: “Remain with such love, and it will bring you many blessings! But now sit down at our table, eat and drink and be of a cheerful spirit! But if you go again to Nahim, you must not skip about like a gazelle, but instead proceed very modestly along the somewhat dangerous path, and you will have no other physical harm to suffer! Only remember that, My otherwise very most beloved daughter Elisa! Now sit down, be quiet and eat and drink!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-262 Chapter