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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-265 Chapter

Chapter 265 - The testimony of the cured Elisa for the Lord. The transformation of the gateways to the mountain village.

265,1. After this I went out into the open with Barnabe and some of My disciples, and Barnabe showed us his possessions. We moved through the whole village, which consisted of some twenty houses, and looked very cute and everywhere very clean.

265,2. But when the inhabitants caught sight of us, they became afraid, as if we were commissars who would now demand taxes and perhaps even some punishments from them. Then I secretly entrusted Barnabe with the reason of their vain fear, and he called several to him and gave them the fullest assurance that their fear was fully void, and that in the highest opposite only extraordinary happiness was wished to this place, that exactly I had visited them and as a very first and best Savior had healed his otherwise incurable daughter by anyone else in the world in an instant so perfectly that she was now a hundred times healthier, more active and fresh than she had ever been before.

265,3. When they heard such a thing from their chief, their fear disappeared, and they were all highly amazed at it; only several women said, “We cannot believe that until we have seen Elisa ourselves; for only an angel of God from heaven could have helped her – it would be impossible for a person, even if he were the very first healer in the world himself!”

265,4. But while the women were still saying such things among one another, Elisa also came after us quite hurriedly and invited us to breakfast. When the women saw Elisa, they were positively shocked and hardly believed their eyes; but finally they also went over to her and asked her how this had then happened.

265,5. But Elisa said, pointing at Me, “There stands the divinely eminent Savior; ask Him! I know and feel that I am now quite fully healthy, and you can see it too; but about everything else, and how it was possible, I do not know.”

265,6. Then we turned around again and went back to Barnabe’ house, where a rich breakfast was waiting for us. It goes without saying that both the men as well as the women and children followed us there; but they remained there the whole day, and the disciples taught them about Me and about My mission from heaven down to Earth, and they all believed now in My name.

265,7. After we had taken breakfast, however, our host led Me to the always very dangerous place where his daughter had had her fall, and asked Me whether I with My omnipotence could not and would not help to make this path just a little easier to pass.

265,8. I said, “You now know already that nothing is impossible for Me; but for now let us leave this place – for it is to your protection! If this spot did not exist, you would have been discovered long ago. Therefore I also think that you should leave this place as it is, and if I do something for you all, I will make this place even less passable, and indeed so that in the future no cat would be in a position to cross it. On the other hand, however, I will show you another path which already exists, but which you have all not yet discovered.”

265,9. When Barnabe heard such things from Me, he asked Me to do this, and I said, “Well then, so be it!”

265,10. Then a great mass of rock detached itself down below, and thereby an overhang wall a hundred men’s height tall, was created hanging above, over which no person would ever be able to climb. But there where we stood a sort of parapet was created, over which one could look but not so easily cross, which would in any case have been a vain effort, connected to great danger. With this gift our host was now satisfied and quite full of amazement.

265,11. But he asked Me also immediately about the more convenient and less dangerous path, and I said, “We will only look for that in the afternoon! It is indeed a little further, to come down to Nahim, but it is much more convenient to walk, and you can drive all your domestic animals up and down on it without any problem, and that is indeed a significant advantage for you.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-265 Chapter