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Chapter 267 - The correspondences between matter and mind.

267,1. (The Lord) When you and your friendly neighbors arrived in this region, you found nothing but stones and wood. You immediately set to work gathering what was best and most suitable. You then withdrew within yourselves and began to ponder on what rules of architecture to apply in the construction of a but or even a house out of the gathered material.

267,2. When you pondered even more deeply, you saw images. From these you soon designed a plan and began to build one and the other house according to this plan, and soon there were some very nice houses in your mountain valley. If you had not found any useful building material, you could never, with your inner intellect, have mentally designed a plan suiting the material. However, since you did find it, you soon also visualized a dwelling that fitted it and then combined the material so that it represented something completely different from that which you had originally found.

267,3. Although that is only a material image, it s nonetheless a beginning, in order to teach a person the first expressions of the relationship between the very raw material and what a spirit can make from it. If a person has deserved and understood this, then it goes further and deeper very easily, and so then it happens that he who is seeking finds, whoever asks, is given, and whoever knocks, to him it is opened.

267,4. Behold, the more spiritually formed the people are somewhere, the more ordered, more artistic is their work and production. Why is it so? Because their souls already stand in a closer conjunction with their spirits. The nearer and deeper however the soul joins its spirit which comes from God, the higher it rises in the ordinance of all recognition and consciousness and constantly finds more and more correspondence between matter and spirit. And then it is also easy to see that a person who has come the furthest in the art of the correspondence between matter and spirit must make matter as well the most serviceable and profitable for himself. But most of all that will be the very most blessed case on the other side only for perfected souls reborn in the spirit, where nothing will be impossible to them any longer. Now tell Me whether you have now understood Me somewhat better!”

267,5. The host says, “Yes, my Lord and God in Yourself, no I am already beginning to see a trace of light! The old peoples, for example the Egyptians, must have been very familiar with the knowledge of correspondence, since their works even now show an order at which almost no person in our times can only guess.”

267,6. I say, “In any case – for only the spiritual awakening shows ever more order to the soul and teaches it to know how to investigate the relationships between the matter and other matter, and between matter and substance, between substance and soul and between soul and spirit; and the spirit penetrates everything in the end, and everything must serve it in the highest and deepest possible order. Do you understand that?”

267,7. Says our host: “Yes, now I understand that ever better and in time I will hopefully understand it even better still! But now another question! Look, I know the Scriptures indeed; I often read in them about the angels of God who are supposed to be the purest spirits! Are those spirits who are supposed to unite with our souls in order to make them fully god-like?”

267,8. I said, “To a very small extent sometimes yes, if My order designates them for it for some very particular reason; but such a thing happens extremely seldom. But what happens many times and will happen even more often in the future, is that also very many angels will go through the path of the flesh as well, as I Myself as the highest spirit am now going through it, so that they can then become true children of God.

267,9. But there they will choose a correct soul that has never been in the flesh for themselves and put it into the flesh of a pure mother, and they will then care for the incubation and for the correct formation according to their light and according to their power, so that such a soul is strengthened for the eternal union with them.

267,10. Well, you will certainly not understand that yet; but there will come a time when you will understand even such secret things of heaven. But now we can go up to your house; for behold, a small mishap has occurred for one of your neighbors, and we must go and make things good again!”

267,11. That suited our host very well and we went and were soon on that spot.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-267 Chapter