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Chapter 274 - On the Essenes and their miracles.

274,1. The host said, “I would like indeed to ask You about something else; but You must not become angry with me about it!”

274,2. I said, “Ask whatever you want!”

274,3. The host said, “Well very good then! You see, when I was still a Levite in the temple, it once happened on a mission for the sake of owed tithes that I came across several Essenes! These were very friendly and told me with the greatest assurance of truth that in their temple, bigger than the one in Jerusalem, the greatest miracles were being performed.

274,4. All the sick were being healed, even the dead were being brought back to life. They had even the elements and forces of all nature in their full control, and sun, moon and all the stars had to obey their will, and so man seems in and among them to be a true lord of nature, the way that once the original father Adam was, before he sinned. Even the trees, the grass, the stones, the water, the air and all creatures must speak with them and give them witness of the fullest truth, and if I could not believe such things, I should only go with them and convince myself of all that personally.

274,5. Well, my business serving the temple had no particular hurry; for what one cannot perform in one week, one can also bring about in the third week quite comfortably without any problem. I had time for this and followed the very friendly invitation of both the Essenes. We came with the help of three quick-footed camels, which they both had with them, soon to the very place, because my business of collecting the tithes was in any case not far from the Essene’s place.

274,6. I was introduced by the two to their leader, an extremely friendly man, who received me with much kindness and left nothing to be desired for me. His hospitality truly left nothing to be desired! I stayed there for eight days and convinced myself of everything that the two had said before, even in the fullest truth. Often I thought about it and would willingly have joined them; but I was not accepted because of my young age, which truly made me very sorry.

274,7. Well, I would like to learn from You what You say about this institute. For their miracles are quite similar to Yours, so that I secretly was always of the opinion that You are perhaps also an Essene. For they also said to me that the Messiah of the world would come from among them. Clear this up for me more!”

274,8. I said, “Do not let yourself be impressed by the Essenes; for their words are lies and their deeds are deception and their friendship is the purest hypocrisy! Among them the end justifies the means through which it is achieved; even if this is in itself so miserable and bad, it is made good and holy if only a good purpose is achieved for the people. They naturally do much earthly good for the people only for money; but the good is not good, because it is the purest fraud.

274,9. For if a person got to the bottom of this in this life, which in this enlightened time is nothing impossible, he would then be doubly unhappy – once because he had been tricked in the worst way for much money, and secondly that he had to be silent about it so that an even worse evil would not befall him.

274,10. For these so praised Essenes sought by all the parts of the world have a large number of spies everywhere, who go around in many countries under all sorts of human characters. Through these the main leaders and representatives of the great institute experience everything that is and happens somewhat special anywhere. And so it is not advisable at all to stand against them anywhere, because they would certainly find this out soon and take revenge on their opponents.

274,11. So Barnabe, be quite satisfied; My disciples will tell you further about this. There is even one among My disciples who not long ago was a main Essene; he will describe to you their miracles the best, and you will then be very amazed at your previous blindness.

274,12. But for now we will go out into the open air a little and cheer ourselves a little at the sight of the very star-filled sky today!”

274,13. That suited everyone, and we rose from the benches and tables and were soon out in the open air.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-274 Chapter