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Chapter 275 - A view into the starry sky.

275,1. Everyone was amazed at the splendor of the sky, and the host asked Me what these countless many great and small stars were. And I explained them it in the way that I had already explained at other similar moments; yes, here I did even more.

275,2. After I had explained all the most necessary information for about two hours and thereby secretly the desire became active in their minds to convince themselves even deeper and clearer about the truth of what had been said, as far as possible, then I put them all, without them being able to guess what had happened to them, into the awakened purely spiritual state, and they now looked with illuminated glances in the highest degree towards the stars and could observe one after the other as if they were quite nearby.

275,3. Suddenly there was a greatest cheering, which grew ever more violent, since I had left the company for a longer time in such spiritual awakening; but I called them all back again to the natural state, and none of them understood what had happened to them, that he had been able to see such unheard–of things in the stars.

275,4. But I said to them, “Do not be too amazed by this! I have only opened your inner spiritual eye through My power of will, and so you were then also in a position to see these distant worlds as if you had been quite close; for any spatial distance is as good as none for the spirit. But now think about it at home, and tomorrow we will discuss it some more! But for now head home to rest, and the rest and celebration of the Sabbath is thus ended!”

275,5. At this they all thanked Me and then headed to their houses. Only the far neighbor remained with us through the short night. I also headed to rest with My disciples, and thus another Sabbath was brought to an end with sheer good deeds.

275,6. The night passed quickly, and early in the morning most of the neighbors along with their wives and children were already assembled before the house of Barnabe, and the whole of Barnabe’ house was already full of activity in order to prepare a good breakfast.

275,7. I came with My disciples soon out into the open air to those waiting, and Barnabe brought Me a very magnificent morning greeting, as well as to My disciples at the same time. Then they all did the same to the neighbors present here and rejoiced highly that they had Me in their midst, and they could still not wonder enough at yesterday’s view of the starry heaven.

275,8. One, who had been placed in spirit on the surface of a distant planet, namely on Uranus, asked Me whether these many and very strong people that he had seen there very clearly, were already a type of blessed people. He at least had considered them to be so; only that had surprised him somewhat, that he had seen them working much more actively than even the most industrious people on the Earth. He had also seen many and very big buildings, and many which were just in the process of being built with great zeal. Now he wondered whether in the kingdom of heaven the blessed people also had to build their houses like the people here on this Earth.

275,9. Then I said to him, “Partly as well. But the people you saw in that world are far from being spirits and can therefore not be blest, but they are for that world just as material as your material men are here in this world. How-ever, there is a difference, namely, that only you earth-people are called to become children of God whereas, generally speaking, all men on all the countless myriads of celestial globes do not have this calling, although they are not totally excluded from it. Yet there it takes far more to achieve it than on this earth which has been destined for it since the beginning.

275,10. Indeed there was a very large Earth, which received light from this sun. It had the same destiny, but its people had known no limits, and it happened thus that a very great judgment came over them, as has already happened once to this Earth. That Earth was totally destroyed and obliterated, and with it all the people who had become extremely proud and full of vice.

275,11. You can learn more about it from these disciples of Mine. Yet if you remain faithful to My teaching and active in it, your spirit, once it unites with your soul, will gradually reveal this to you as a whole and will lead you into the most wonderful truths."

275,12. Then everyone wondered again at My omniscience and thanked Me and praised and honored Me, that I had honored them with My visit.

275,13. But now Elisa came very cheerfully, who at the preparation of the breakfast had taken part the most actively, and invited us to breakfast. But the neighbors excused themselves, since they had already taken one at home.

275,14. But Barnabe said, “Now everything is the same! It has been prepared for everyone, just like yesterday’s evening meal, and they should only make themselves quite comfortable at the tables!”

275,15. Then everyone went into the house again and the breakfast was taken cheerfully. After the meal that was taken, the disciples received much to do; for the neighbors began to ask them about the Essenes, and one word followed the other. And the asking and explaining lasted until evening, and no midday meal was taken, apart from some bread and wine. At this opportunity some disciples also performed some tests of their miraculous powers, at which the neighbors were highly amazed and became even keener to stick to the teaching heard even more exactly.

275,16. But I was constantly busy with our Barnabe, at which opportunity he also made mention of the two miracles that I had performed as a twelve-year old boy in the temple, and that these two miracles had had indeed an enormous effect on him, but nonetheless he had remained with the opinion that I was from the school of the Essenes, about which he now saw the clearest opposite and recognized Me fully as what I then had presented Myself as in the temple. In short, the whole community along with Barnabe was now totally won, and we now had very great need to talk about various things, and so the evening also soon came, at which of course there was no lack of evening meal.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-275 Chapter