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Chapter 276 - The Lord's farewell from the mountain village.

276,1. The next day we went to the distant neighbor and spent the whole day there as well as also the whole night. Here it came to pass that I, visible to all, allowed Myself to be served by the angels of heaven and also the other guests. Then there was already no end to the amazement and the inhabitants felt as if they were in heaven. They also discussed with the pure spirits of heaven and praised their great wisdom and their great power; for in that night there were many miracles performed, and indeed to the benefit of these very upright mountain dwellers.

276,2. Among the many miracles there was also that the distant neighbor received a totally new and very purposeful house and also other things in abundance and food and wines of the best sort. Also a large number of useful animals were given to the many inhabitants and their gardens were laid the best, also their many houses were set up very well and equipped with farm buildings, each according to his own need. There is no further mention needed that these people positively oozed sheer wonder and gratitude at this.

276,3. In the morning this night scene ended and all the neighbors turned back to their houses at My side, overjoyed, extremely encouraged and filled with the highest gratitude, and everyone observed their much improved houses and gardens and fields full of the most blessed wonder. But at all this they still could not tear themselves away from Me, and I soon had to be their guest in one house and then in another along with the disciples, where there was always much spoken about all sorts of world situations.

276,4. And so these poorest people were doubly helped, namely physically and morally. But when after the time had passed I began to speak about the fact that I would travel on from there very soon and go to Jerusalem for a feast, they all became very sad and Barnabe asked Me how it could then be possible for Me to go to that highly demoralized, godless city.

276,5. Then I said, “Friend, where there are the most sick, there a doctor is also the most needed!”

276,6. But I remained there several days more at much pleading and taught them about many good and useful things like My disciples, who did not agree much that I should go to Jerusalem for this autumn celebration.

276,7. But I said to them, “It is the will of the Father’s thus, and so it can never be otherwise!”

276,8. When they heard such, they agreed and had nothing more to say.

276,9. It was on the eve of the Sabbath when we headed on our way. For we wanted to arrive in Jerusalem on the Sabbath when the feast began, and so we had to already leave our rest-place of many weeks on the pre-Sabbath in order to be in Jerusalem in the morning; for it was a good day’s journey there.

276,10. After breakfast I blessed the village and its inhabitants and, accompanied by everyone I headed through the new way which before no-one had walked. At the exit of the grotto I sent the accompanying villagers back and reminded them once again to have full faith in Me and love for God. I also told them that they should never sway in their faith, for then I would come back to them transformed in a few years and share with them the power of My spirit. They all thanked Me for it and implored Me not to forget them when far from here.

276,11. But I said, “My dear friends! I cannot forget anything; that happens only to men. Whoever does not forget Me, I also will not forget them eternally. Therefore remain faithful to Me, as long as you live in the flesh, and I will also give you, as I have assured you all many times and even shown you, the never-ending eternal life in My kingdom. Amen!”

276,12. At this I quickly began the journey, where the companions watched us for a good hour and sent their greetings and good wishes after us.

276,13. At this they headed back, full of the best intentions and the best will; but at the same time they decided that they had now been provided for with all things and no longer had the need to go to Nahim for salt, and to block up this entrance and exit so that they could never be found again by anyone. And what they decided to do they carried out exactly with unified power on this Sabbath eve and were thus cut off entirely from the entire world and led a strict life exactly according to My teaching.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-276 Chapter