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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-42 Chapter

Chapter 42 - The governmental order of the ancient Indians.

42,1. (Raphael) “The Indians managed their affairs much more cleverly! The nation sticks to its superstition, in itself innocent, but nonetheless still believes in a very highest divine being and in its worldly representatives, who bear the most arduous concerns about the maintenance of the old stereotypical order, so that nothing new is added, but also so that nothing can be taken away from what the old books contain. And so in a thousand years the Indian will also be exactly what he is now and what he was several thousand years ago. The worst is his atonement and the fact that he has to make himself his own judge.

42,2. He can be strict against himself beyond all human comprehension, because no injustice happens to a person who freely desires something; but at the same time the good thing about the Indians is that there are no evil characters among them and no traitors. No-one sues his neighbor, and among the many million people there is no-one who takes joy in another’s misfortune! But that is the reason why the Indians have become such an old nation in their ways and will become even older. In time, when some foreign people come to them and teach them another religion, other customs and other traditions, then they will become less calm and less satisfied, they will no longer judge themselves and will not do penance any longer; but they will judge and persecute the others and will place on them the heaviest penance. They will soon be like the Pharisees in Jerusalem, who also lay the most unbearable burden on their believers and judge everyone; but they will not tolerate any judge above themselves and touch no load or burden, not even with the tip of their little finger! Do you find that good or better than what you found among the most innocent Indians?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-42 Chapter