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Chapter 47 - The fruits of the night and the fruits of the spiritual light.

47,1. Roklus says, “That would be a very most desperate situation, and even more so for a seeing doctor! In that case it would be a thousand times better not to insist at all than to live as a seer among the blind who are full of distrust, self-conceit and arrogance! But you are right, dear, very highly wise boy! That is how things are in the world, and not otherwise; therefore in my opinion it is better to leave the blind alone and to avoid every contact with them as much as possible. If they become devoid of every seeing leader in this way, then in the end they will sooner or later reach the edge of a precipice over which they will all inevitably perish. Their end is sad, it is true, but a certain one, and no-one can save them from it!”

47,2. Raphael says, “Now you have judged very well, and behold, thus the Lord acts with the people according to His order! Whenever some human community or even a whole nation freely and willingly becomes hostile to the truth and the light from heaven, the Lord then allows such a nation to descend into the complete night of life. In this, one screaming foolishness soon occurs after the other and reveals in this way to all those who see just a little their own evil blindness and lies in every desire, striving and acting. Such an incurable nation must then finally come to the edge of a precipice which must consume them without any mercy or compassion. But those who see will spread out and begin to bless the surface of the Earth spiritually and physically with their light.

47,3. But the Lord certainly never allows a nation, as long as it has even a very slight shimmer of true light among it, to reach the edge of the precipice, because a warning notion of the destruction still lives in the shimmer.

47,4. But wherever a positive hatred has risen in a nation against the light of truth and the people and its priests begin to be hostile and persecute the seers in every possible way, as, I tell you, has long been the case among the Jews, then there is also an end to the Lord’s patience, and such a nation can never more escape its downfall.

47,5. That is then the time when the Lord Himself comes to Earth from heaven and passes judgment on the evil and blind sinners, as is now the case on the Earth, and indeed in the most beautiful land of the Jews, the former people of God!

47,6. But the Lord will now gather the few faithful seeing people around Him and give them the fullest light from heaven; alongside this light, however, everything that is without light will not be able to exist, but instead it will be driven to the furthest edge of the inevitable precipice. Then no false wonder is of use to you any longer in front of the seers, but instead only one which emerges quite truthfully from the power of God which He has laid in the heart of every person who sees the truth.

47,7. For as the false and the blind faith, which is actually superstition, only too soon exposes itself through all sorts of lies and deceptions and through an ever-increasing lack of love, so a true, living faith arises through the fullest truth in all things without any holding back and through an ever-increasing love among the people and towards God and out of such truth and love in the strength of God and power that God has laid in the heart of every person who sees the truth.

47,8. What use to the people then are all their secret arts and knowledge, if even the seeing starlings in the end call forth from the roofs to the false prophet in front of the whole world: You are a constantly self-seeking evil deceiver and perform your miracles before the blind! But you will never deceive the true, seeing children of God; for these possess something else in their hearts through the strength of God, which is the spirit of eternal love, and they see through your miserable deeds and your evil intention in the most exact way. Therefore pack up your old deceptive tools and become a seeing person in the true strength of God – or we starlings will rob you of the little shimmer that you still possess! – Tell me, could you be angry at the starlings for this? Truly there is nothing more annoying for the deceiver than if one encounters him with the full light of truth; but he must recognize it nonetheless in the end at the mercy of someone else!

47,9. Look at the unmistakable miracle proceeding from the true strength of God! You are an Essene and in addition a leading magician of this order. You make the dead rise, you pull the moon out of the sky under the noses of the amazed spiritually blind, you make trees and grass and water, cliffs and walls speak. What would you then say if these starlings of people of all races and classes begin to explain to you quite loudly how you and your assistants, when your working hours call you into the cloister, wake the dead and make your trees, grass, water, cliffs and walls speak, and if they then brought forth a dead person to you and demanded that you brought him back to life? What would your pure common sense and your sharp understanding say to that?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-47 Chapter