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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-5 Chapter

Chapter 5 - The children of the world and the children of the Lord.

5,1. Raphael speaks, “Did I not tell you that all this, that is, everything solidly built, will not be completely erased in a thousand years? Only the different fruit trees, the noble shrubs and the plants, as well as the ships will not last that long; but the stonework will last a very long time! Even after two thousand years, traces of it will still be visible; of course, no one will still believe in supernatural builders of this wall. Even in the present time, your nearest neighbors will say as soon as they see this that everything was built by the present Romans, since many strong hands can perform miracles as well! You, however, accept what the people say because, even though ten times ten times hundred thousand people live in a land after the current fashion, you will hardly find among all of them five thousand who after many discussions would reasonably believe you. But neither you nor we, heavenly spirits, have any need for blind belief. It does not even matter whether many or few believe; the Lord came into this world because of His few children and not because of secular people. And it will stay like this until the end of this world and its times!

5,2. Whenever the Lord will reveal Himself again in this world, either only through word, or at times even personally for moments, He will at all times do so only to His true children, who are from above! The world and its children will enjoy His presence very little or not at all! Eternity is long enough to bring them to some extremely inferior light.

5,3. Do not believe that this supreme light from the heavens will ever enter all the people in the world! Only the true children, in small numbers at all times, will be given plenty of it, and the children of the world will built from their scurrility temples and places of worship for false gods and fence them in with iron laws and foolish, blind rules, but will never be able to touch the few true children, of which the Lord will at all times most faithfully make sure. That is why no Jeremiah should intone his lamentations among secular people any longer! – But go to the Lord now and thank Him for such a great gift!”

5,4. Here comes Mark and wants to start thanking Me with pomp of the most chosen words.

5,5. I however say, “Save your tongue the trouble because I have already heard the gratitude of your heart and do not need the one of the tongue! Is every honest innkeeper not worth his reward? You are an honest innkeeper too and have assiduously hosted us for almost eight days now; we cannot ask this of you for nothing! This inn will be for you and your descendants a good source of sustenance! But you make sure that My name will stay strong in this place, that is, with your descendants because with the loss of My name from their hearts, they would also soon lose everything else! Whoever looses everything in this world, but keeps My name in spite of that, would not have lost anything, but would have gained everything; but whoever looses My name from his heart, has lost everything, even if he owns all the world’s riches!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-5 Chapter