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Chapter 51 - The true and the false miracle workers.

51,1. Roklus says, “For us thinkers there is certainly an endless distance to be discovered, but for the lay people a little something is good enough! As long as a miracle worker does not challenge us before the people through his inner spiritual power and then reveals all our natural magic, in my opinion we magicians of nature can exist very well alongside the true magician and his inner spiritual power from God, and he alongside us, as long as jealousy does not plague him!”

51,2. Raphael says, “So, there is no other trouble in your guts?! Do you really think then that the true miracle-worker and the spirit of God that lives inside him is looking for worldly honour and an earthly gain?! Is there no higher and more final destiny for man than the worldly, best possible bodily care and the personal honour in the face of this material Earth? Listen and perceive!

51,3. Every human has an immortal soul and in the soul an even more immortal spirit. But so that the soul, as a spirit which developed out of matter, can become fully one with the original spirit of God, which is called Love, the soul must independently direct all its strivings towards firstly removing itself from matter and all its demands, however they may look, and directing all its desires, deeds and doings only towards the purely spiritual, and secondly to being prepared in the future to become one with the spirit of the pure love of God which is resting in it, in that God Himself in His fundamental being is the very purest love.

51,4. How does man become aware that his soul has become one with the true Spirit of God within? He learns this very easily within! If you feel no arrogance, no unnecessary greed, no desire for fame, no envy, no avarice and no self-love, but for that all the more love for your neighbour and for God alive and true in yourself and it gives you a true, deeply moving joy in your heart to have given all your possessions to poor and very needy brothers and sisters in affliction, yes, if you feel a positive pain in your heart when you cannot help a poor person, if everything and the whole Earth with all its treasures are nothing to you, then your soul is already fully one with the spirit of God within, it has achieved the perfect eternal life, is wise and even when necessary capable of miracles through its sheer will!

51,5. But in order to determine the human souls for this, the divine power of miracles from God has been given to a particularly high degree to some pious souls which have become one in themselves with God, so that they are a witness for the weak and those of little faith of what people have been designated to be by God, how they have to live and how they should act, in order to bring such a designation in themselves to the fullest truth.

51,6. And a true miracle worker certainly performs no miracles in order to amaze the foolish and blind world or even to gain something on which only the material world places value, but instead in order to show his fellow man the true path in life, to give them courage and faith for the battle with the world in its evil passions, to show them the true reason, value and goal for life and in this way to bring them onto a very short path to where they are all called by God, namely to the true, eternal life and to its highest bliss.

51,7. Now ask yourself and your whole establishment whether you have ever been prompted by such motives when performing such fraudulent miracles. You are truly worldly-wise and not evil people through and through; however, you have become quite blind in the inner sphere of life through your hunt for the treasures of this world. The world and its bliss is everything to you! In order to achieve this end as completely as possible, it is above all necessary to achieve the greatest reputation possible through appropriate and certainly effective means. It cannot always be done with the sword in the; but it is not exactly difficult to secure some god-like reputation through all sorts of magic, because all people seek miracles in their nature much more than war. Then all that is needed is that some material use, if only supposed, appears with the help of such false miracles for the curious onlookers, and it’s in the bag.

51,8. Your credo is therefore nothing other than the following, which I will tell for your own good: We people who have had a look at the whole world, have made the experience that man has and can have no life any longer after this earthly life. But because one must live on this world, one seeks to live at least as well as possible. In order to do that, one invents something through which one can make oneself indispensable and useful to the people seemingly with the least effort and strain in the world. Then the people will do all the heavy work for us, we will live very well, and the people that totally takes care of us will be of the opinion that they are doing God a pleasing duty through this, if they do everything upon everything for us! We present ourselves however to the people as a result of our ability to perform miracles as constant and indestructible representatives of the gods on Earth, and we will also live as gods. But only no traitors! If we can maintain ourselves for fifty years without any betrayal, princes as well as their people will crawl in the dust before us in sheer humility.

51,9. But in order to make things as effective as possible, we cannot shy away from any cost at the beginning in order to set everything up as it can only be imagined. Then we must constantly present ourselves before the people as the most loving and sympathetic men, enthusiastic about the gods, and we will be carried by the peoples on their hands! The old religious fathers were indeed very clever in that they created a people in the way that they could best use them; but we experienced Essenes want to set up a religion to which all the peoples along with their rulers will have to come in the end! For how things are almost everywhere, we know and will learn and know more in the future, and we will always improve our successful institute and enrich it to the highest degree with everything and everyone who can be serviceable to us, and so stand as fully indestructible against all our enemies for all time!

51,10. Now, if the true miracle-workers from the spirit of God want to unite with you, your deceiving institute would certainly be something unconquerable, and you would soon have dominion over all the worldly treasures of this Earth; but the true miracle-workers are as they were and will also remain, always the greatest enemies of all deception and all lies and will therefore never unite with you, but instead will reveal you everywhere and show to the people all deeds of your, from your point of view, so praise-worthy institute! Thereby your green-looking hopes will only too soon wilt and have no value any longer before anyone. Will you then still claim that your false miracle-institute can survive so comfortably and harmoniously alongside the true miracle-workers of God? Behold, I alone would indeed be capable of removing the power of your whole institute with one single miracle, so that in the future no man would seek any help at your door! Do you believe me, or do you not believe me?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-51 Chapter