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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-52 Chapter

Chapter 52 - Roklus' doubts about the power of Raphael.

52,1. Roklus says, “If you are as powerful in deed as you are with your words, such a thing could well be possible for you; but until now I have had the same experience with all people, that the most powerful wise men in words were always the weakest in deeds. I admit to you openly that I do not have any great fear of your somewhat grandiose power of deed! However, anything is possible, even if not always very likely!

52,2. Go to that couple and tell them that their newly-risen daughter is not the true one, but instead only a replacement because of her great resemblance, and you will see whether you find belief or not! Yes, they will indeed show you the door, but they will never believe you, even if were possible for you to come to them with a second, even more similar copy. For the awakening of the real daughter can never succeed; for firstly it can hardly be known to you where she is buried, and secondly her body must already be very nibbled by the worms.

52,3. In my opinion this would be the only means to make the parents think for at least a moment; in the most extreme situation the good couple would accept the truly awakened daughter as an adopted daughter because of the great similarity. Yet let us leave all this empty exchange of words and turn to something else!

52,4. Are you also from this company? What is actually the reason for you being here? Is the supreme governor, as was often the case before, giving open audiences to the people, accepting pleas and hears all sorts of complaints from the people and his representatives, or is he holding here a sort of court or a council of war? For I notice here people from all the ends and places of the Earth that is known to me. Even the darkest Moors, previously never seen by me to be so black, are richly represented here: Persians, Armenians, Tauri, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians are all to be found!

52,5. I would never have brought this question to light before the wise and old Cyrenius out of modesty and due respect; but because we have now exchanged words here with one another for almost two hours, I took courage and have now let my question be heard out loud! Tell me something about it, if you will, and also tell me something about how this house was actually created along with its garden, harbour and ships! I also remember well what you told me in this respect, but it cannot really be so with the pure spirit of God in people! This power can indeed show the people the most appropriate means to perform such a deed; but without them nothing can be brought into being out of thin air! Go on, dear, wise, young friend, tell me decently what you know about it!”

52,6. Raphael says, “Be patient just a little longer; for we have not yet finished with the previous discussion, and why these people have gathered here I am not allowed to say before the correct time! You will later learn much more; but for now let us remain where we were: whether I am not in a position to deal your institute a very murderous blow, without finding somewhere a second copy of the falsely miraculous re-awakened daughter! You doubt it, and yet I could provide you with evidence in an instant that would make your hairs stand on end! What would you say then?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-52 Chapter