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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-6 Chapter

Chapter 6 - The Lord's rules of conduct for Mark, the innkeeper.

6,1. (The Lord), “That is why before all be concerned about keeping My name in your heart! Whoever has that has everything; however, who does not have it, has been abandoned by everything!

6,2. Who loves Me truly and loves his neighbor as himself, carries My name truly and alive in his heart and with that a treasure that cannot be taken from him for eternity; truly loving God in everything one does, is being more than a master of all the treasures in not just this, but all the worlds for all infinity.

6,3. However, it is not enough to acknowledge Me in virtue of wisdom, but in virtue of true love in your heart.

6,4. All sorts of poor people will come to you; what you will do for them without any material compensation, you will have done for Me, and My love will recompense you.

6,5. If someone who is naked comes to you, dress him! Who comes to you without money, do not deny it to him, since he needs it in the world!

6,6. I wanted all people to live together as brothers without this corruptive means of exchange, but because as secular people they introduced it in this world long ago for a greater comfort of their trade and exchange, I will leave it at that- but only through My love will it bring benediction to people!

6,7. Do not put any value to it other than My love, and it will bring you My love and My blessing! If someone needs a penny, give him two, even three, and My love will on the other hand replace it ten and thirty times over!

6,8. In short, if you see somebody lacking something and you gladly help him for My love, you will be able to always count on my compensation which will never lag behind!

6,9. If, for example, an otherwise rich person, but who suffers from gout, comes to your bath, charge him fairly for board and lodging, but let the bath be free!

6,10. If, however, someone comes to the bath just for pleasure, charge him more than another one for the bath, board and lodging! If he wants to hear the truth from you, then tell it to him for free because he is poor in that regard!

6,11. If a worldly-wise man comes and wants to hear the truth from you, do not give it to him for free, but let him pay you a penny for every word; because for such a truth seeker truth only has value if it has cost him a lot!

6,12. If a poor man comes to you hungry, give him to eat and to drink and do not let him leave as a poor man; however, if someone comes who enjoys sitting at your table, he should pay for what the poor man next to him ate!

6,13. Support every need for free, and charge every mere pleasure! – Did you understand Me?”

6,14. Mark says, weeping with joy, “Yes, Lord!”

6,15. I say, “Then go and show everything to your loved ones!”

6,16. Mark went to his overly amazed family and made known what I said and they all went hastily to the new house, and of course went inside and inspected everything in detail. The wife and children got dizzy from so much blissfulness and delight and did not know up from down because of so much joy. All the ones sitting at the tables now asked Me if they may also go look at this remarkable marvel.

6,17. I said, “Dear friends! This creation will last and you will be able to look at it and admire it often enough; I, however, will not stay, except through the love in your hearts.

6,18. For that reason stay with Me, as long as I am still with you; I am more than any miracle that I could replicate countless times in an instant!”

6,19. All say, “Yes, yes, yes, oh Lord, we are staying, we are all staying with You, oh Lord, because You alone are more than all miracles of your power, wisdom, and kindness filling infinity.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-6 Chapter