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Chapter 62 - Love and its light of cognition.

62,1. (The Lord) “Now you may be able to see that man cannot grasp anything spiritual with his pure reason and his ever so clear and keen intellect. He cannot understand life and its basic ultimate goal; for reason and intellect are located in the brain and in the blood, which keeps the brain in a certain active tension and enables it to take in the impressions and images of the material outer world, compare their forms and effects and, finally, form thereof a chain of conclusions.

62,2. All these, however, are things and images of matter in which the senses of the brain can never discover anything spiritual. Since life must be something spiritual, it can only be understood in and through itself.

62,3. Therefore, there must be in man still other senses by which he can feel, behold and gradually understand also the spiritual life-element within him in all its depths, connections and relations.

62,4. And what are these inner senses? — Behold and listen! There is actually only one single sense, and this is called love and dwells in the heart. It is this sense which above all must be strengthened, developed and purified, and all that man does, wills, thinks and judges must be illumined and filled with light by the hot, living light-flame out of the fire of pure love, so that all spirits will awaken in the morning of the day of life dawning within the human heart.

62,5. Once all the life-spirits are awakened in the thoughts, words, deeds and works, they will begin to stir so that the one who is full of the inner spiritual light will soon and easily become aware of them, because they will commence to manifest in many forms as soon as they begin to stir. All these forms are not incidental and empty but correspond to some visible spiritual activity from the sphere of the divine order.

62,6. However, man can never behold this with his intellect and his vain reason but only with the flaming eyes of his living spirit, which is love.

62,7. You may, therefore, accept the following as a fast criterion: What is within man, no external worldly intellect can ever fathom and behold. Only the spirit within man can do that. Thus, no one can recognize God but the awakened and fully activated Spirit of God within the human heart which, like God Himself, is pure love and an everlasting Sabbath within the human heart.

62,8. Behold, you have never cultivated this noblest part of your heart or been aware of its value. This explains why you could become an avowed atheist and why, in spite of all your searching, you could never find a clue to the eternal, all-penetrating and all-preserving Deity Who has created everything.

62,9. But now it will not be so easy at all to recognize the Godhead in its true being and ordinance right from its foundations, because your brain with all its images has already become too hardened. You would only have to spark a very powerful fire in your heart to totally give up your Essene-hood and to humble yourself in all the spheres and connections of your life and would have to become a completely new person; for all your former theories on life and attitudes towards life are fundamentally erroneous and false according to the inner and single truth, so that you will never reach even the forecourt of the innermost divine life with them!

62,10. Yet all is not lost with you, yes, you could even attain to great things; but in order to achieve that you must of your own free will and in full self-determination become a new man, and you must out of inner conviction help with all your might to put an end to the iniquities perpetrated by your institute, or you could not possibly ever attain to the true life of your inner spirit-man. The reason is because man's innermost life is the highest truth, into which you have to enter fully; but it cannot thrive if it is nourished through the activity of falsehood and deceit.

62,11. If the true, innermost life within you is to become a shining truth, every one of your steps must be accompanied by the highest and profoundest truth in your thinking, volition, speech and action. If, however, this is not the case from Alpha to Omega, then — mark these words! — your own inner life is a sheer falsehood.

62,12. Now you have an approximate idea of what your pure reason and your keen intellect are really worth. You are free to choose between eternal life and eternal death. As far as I am concerned, I am Who I am! I can give you eternal life or leave you to everlasting death.

62,13. Of all that I have just told you not one iota will ever change. This earth and the visible firmament will cease to exist in this shape, form and nature, — but these My words never in all eternity. Now do what you will! I shall be here for a short time yet."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-62 Chapter