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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-65 Chapter

Chapter 65 - Ruban's address to the Lord.

65,1. At this authority given to him, Ruban now moves over to Me and says, when he reaches Me, “Lord and Master full of the true power of God! Since Roklus has not dared to come to You for certainly not unknown reasons, as well as any of his eleven companions, they have given me the authority to decide everything in respect of our heavily illaudable institute with You, You very most true. Then everything will certainly happen that You ever want, and we would even like to place the whole institute at Your disposal and all become Your disciples! Give us then a merciful word of Your holy will, and we will act strictly accordingly! But if You want to remove the institute completely, then speak about it; for we have all agreed that the institute should be totally destroyed if You demand it!”

65,2. I say, “You are an honest soul, therefore your house remained saved from the flames! But look, if I wanted to remove your institute, I could do just the same with it as with that significant cliff in the sea, upon which so many ships have been wrecked in the storm! Can you still see the cliff?”

65,3. Ruban says, “Lord, I see it and know it only too well; for I almost came into misfortune myself on its walls!”

65,4. I say, “It shall be destroyed and no longer bring danger to any sailors!”

65,5. In an instant the cliff, which in all had a solid content of over ten thousand cubic fathom, was dissolved into the bottom of the sea so that not only no trace was left of it, but also there was no turbidity to the water in its great place. Truly everyone noticed with very great amazement a strong wave in its place which was created naturally because the water around the previous great cliff rushed into the empty space and from then on formed a continuous mass of water.

65,6. When our Ruban saw this, he became full of fear and said with a trembling voice, “It is all just as I said to Roklus! This is where all magic ends and the bare truth comes in its place! Whatever You, oh Lord and Master, have done with the evil cliff, You could do just as well with the whole Earth, and all the more surely with our bad institute! Therefore I can now say nothing other than: Lord and Master, Your will be done! For You are not a normal man, but the spirit of God lives in all fullness within You! Be merciful and very compassionate to all us poor sinners! You alone are all in all, and You alone can do everything, nothing is impossible for You!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-65 Chapter