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Chapter 66 - The Lord's advice and speech to the Essenes.

66,1. (Ruban) “But what should we do with our institute of lies and fraud?”

66,2. I say, “Fill it with love and truth and believe in My name and follow My teachings! For if you seriously do this, you will no longer be able to be useful to the world with fraud and lies, but instead with all truth and genuine love; but all the tools of deception must be thrown away from you. But if there is some or other thing among it all which in the best way proves to be naturally useful – such as electrostatic generators and other similar machines, then do not make any false use of it, but instead make good use, according to the nature of things, and teach the people what it is and how the machine works in its nature, how it is built, and so you will be in a position to do truly much good with it!

66,3. But never pay attention to the judgment of the world; for the world is and remains terrible and evil, and lies, deception and arrogance are its main elements!

66,4. I tell you that you will be able to move mountains in My name and do even greater things than what I am doing now; but the thought should never rise in you that you have done something through your own strength and power; for that does not exist in this world! Only through the power of the spirit of God will all these things which can be useful for man be possible for you!

66,5. All power will be yours in a mind truly devoted to God, and for as long as someone does not become arrogant. But if someone takes honor and reward for their own use, he will lose the divinely spiritual characteristic in himself in that same moment!

66,6. Flee from nothing more than from the riches of this world and its worshippers; for no man is worse on this whole Earth than he who envies and longs for earthly treasures; for he curses in his actions the love and all the truth of the heart which comes from God.

66,7. If such people come to you, show them the door and show them that God’s word and its power should never be thrown to the unruly pigs of the Earth as casual food! Indeed you should not curse them for it and also not wish them harm, for all anger and all rage is of the spirit of God! but they will be punished enough through this if they are seriously sent away from your doors and your friendship!

66,8. If such people come to you in misfortune, do not listen to them; for help will not make their heart better – on the contrary: they will be even more careful afterwards and will act more cleverly for the sake of their sacks of gold; but they will laugh at you and mock you and declare your help to be empty wind bags and will call you lazy braggarts und deceivers! Let that be far from you; for God’s power in you should only be of benefit in words and in actions to those alone who have made themselves worthy of it in all the humility of their hearts!

66,9. So that you know, however, everything that you should know and do in My name in the future, go to that youth; he will give you a book in which you will find everything necessary! But now Roklus should also come to Me; for I still have some things to discuss with him! Go over and tell him My will!”

66,10. Roklus made a very sour face indeed, when Ruban conveyed him the wish that I had expressed. But he moved all the same; he came to Me and bowed deeply before Me.

66,11. But I looked at him in a most friendly way and said to him in a questioning tone, “Well, My sharply judicious friend, what do you think of Me now? What does your sharp intellect find in Me and what does your heart feel? You did indeed admit to the boy earlier, when you were still seeking Me, that I am a true God, that you love Me even without all personal acquaintance and perceive the force of life in you ever more vividly, to bow your knee before Me and to seriously worship Me even as a true God!

66,12. Now you know Me personally and will also have no doubt that I am the famous Nazarene – as you said yourself – according to the fullest truth. But you have still not bent your knee before Me – which I would never have demanded of you – and your heart still seems to feel very little love for Me. Why have you, great friend of the truth, spoken so with the boy, if it is not true?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-66 Chapter