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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-69 Chapter

Chapter 69 - The true path of life.

69,1. I say, “You have My word and My teachings; do and act accordingly, then I will be your Master and leader!

69,2. You do not need My person inside the walls of your monastery at all, but instead only My word and My name – but not only dryly written and spoken with a cold and indifferent mouth, but instead indeed, full of faith and full of love for God and for one’s neighbor – then I will be among you, and whatever you desire in My name, that will happen, and you will do even greater things than I.

69,3. Whatever I do, I do before your eyes, in order to give you a valid proof of Myself so that you people may recognize that I am just the same who proceeds through eternity from the Father, of whom all wise men and patriarchs prophesied.

69,4. You should and will be My witnesses before all creatures that are blind and deaf and will need for this purpose more than I Myself now before you, who are indeed sharp-sighted and sharp of hearing!

69,5. But your deceptive miracles must be totally driven out of your institute; for all deception is more or less a suggestion of Satan and can therefore never lead to anything that one could call truly good! But as long as one uses any deceptive means in a healing institute, no miraculous deed can be brought to success in My name!

69,6. But if you want to work in My name, I must also be totally in you in all fullness of truth through the love and through the most living faith.

69,7. If you are, then you can say to that mountain: rise and throw yourself into the sea! And it will happen according to your will! But pay attention, without Me you can do nothing!

69,8. But I will be with you forever and ever, as long as you trustingly keep My word, My love and the most living faith in Me and walk around without any falsehood in your soul! Tell Me whether you have understood Me now!”

69,9. Roklus says, “Not quite, honestly confessing before you; for I heard something about a suggestion by Satan! That is the same most evil spirit which according to Jewish teachings is supposed to be the constant invisible originator of all evil and destructible on the Earth. I have observed that so far as an allegory of the Jews and cannot be amazed enough now to hear this name from your mouth!

69,10. Truly, I consider you to be the wisest of all people and now believe firmly that there is a very wisest and all-mighty God, by whom everything that the endless space encompasses was created, and that you now are a main bearer of the spirit of God; but that you come to me now with the old Jewish fable of Satan and in the end with all sorts of devils and also with the Jewish hell, that surprises me very much. Is then Satan seriously something, and what about some sort of devil or hell? I would truly like a closer explanation of this!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-69 Chapter