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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-75 Chapter

Chapter 75 - Pain, illness and death.

75,1. Say I: "My friend, you are delving into something which neither you nor anyone else really needs to know because it is wholly My business, and this means as much as: It is the concern of the eternal Father in Heaven and therefore an order of which, as far as the flesh is concerned, even I Myself may not, cannot and shall not make an exception.

75,2. Whatever the flesh has put on, it will also have to take off again, whether with or without pain, that is quite irrelevant; for after the separation all the pain of this world stops. For the air that the person’s soul will breathe in the other world will be quite different to the air of this material world here. Wherever there is no longer any death, there is also no real pain, because the pain of the flesh is always only a consequence of a partial peeling away of the soul from the flesh.

75,3. But that does not mean to say that a soul in its pure condition is somehow without feeling or sensation – for without that it would obviously be dead; but only in the world that corresponds to its being it will not find anything that thronged it, pressed it, tweaked it and squeezed it, and thereby causes a painful feeling, and so it will also never perceive any pain.

75,4. Or is a completely healthy person insensitive in his flesh to feelings of pain because he has never had the misfortune to be ill and has never received a blow or a jab from another person?! Only the reason for the pain was lacking for him.

75,5. The reason why a pain, which is always only felt by the soul but never by the flesh, exists is the pressure exerted by the flesh on some vital part of the soul when the former has become too indolent and thus too heavy.

75,6. Therefore any illness can be haled temporarily, if one understands how to unburden the mass of flesh; but there is no longer any relief for the old age of the flesh, although a person living in good order will generally know little of any pain right into a very great age. His flesh will remain until the last hour still very flexible and supple, and the soul will gradually be able to remove itself from the flesh very gently in the actual best and true order. It will indeed not exactly wish to separate itself from the flesh even at a high earthly age, but if the very perceptible, blessed call comes from heaven: Come out of your prison into the most free, eternal true life!, it will not hesitate for a second to leave its fragile earthly house and to step out into the light of true eternal life.

75,7. Well, you will never be in a position to prevent this with your herbal concoctions and neither through the power of My will, because this cannot be the will of My spirit. But with the power of My name you will only be able to perform those same true miracles according to My will which makes itself most clearly heard in your hearts and never against it. Therefore you must also make My will, which is the true will of God, above all to your own, and it will then be impossible for you to fail in something that you want from Me and thereby through My eternal order.

75,8. There can therefore be no talk of anyone ever dying because of the holy power given to you in or through My name. Truly you should never withhold a healing from anyone, where my spirit says to you in your heart: Help this person!, but if the spirit says to you: leave him in the torture of his flesh, so that his soul will have enough of satisfying the desires of the flesh!, then leave him and do not heal him from his fleshly evil – for he should tolerate it for the salvation of his soul!

75,9. And now see that your worry was somewhat in vain! Therefore go into my correct order and everything will then become clear to you! If you still have some objection, then speak, before our host emerges from the new kitchen with the meal!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-75 Chapter