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Chapter 77 - On right and wrong enthusiasm.

77,1. Roklus says, ”Yes, Lord and Master over all beings and things, now, through this most merciful explanation of Yours, everything has indeed taken on a different light, and now some previously incomprehensible puzzles have been fully cleared up for me! Yes, I am now beginning to understand a little what a person actually is, and what he has to seek and achieve in the world and according to Your words can also achieve and must actually achieve! Yes, now it s then indeed a highly blessed easy task to keep Your commandments and to literally fulfill Your will; for now we see and can actually touch with our hands what we must receive necessarily from You! For if I see a place even still far away from me and I walk in a straight direction towards that place, I must certainly reach it in the end!

77,2. But I can now do nothing other than to thank You above all with all my strength of life for such effort of Yours with me and assure You that I am and will remain Your very most conscientious disciple. I also give You the fullest assurance that I will do everything in order to cleanse our institute from all the old slag and lies of the world, and in the future nothing more will be undertaken but alone what can correspond to Your teaching, oh Lord and Master!

77,3. Now I already feel a power that I have never felt before in me, from which in the firm trust in You all mountains bow and through which all the dead must rise up from their graves! What will follow then if my future life is entirely Your will, and to what power will our institute rise if all the members of it become one in sense and in will?!

77,4. Therefore no hesitation any longer! Up, and all hands to action for this new work set by God! Whoever hesitates commits a crudest sin against the salvation of the whole of humanity on the whole Earth!”

77,5. I say, “Your enthusiasm is now quite right, and you will also achieve what you are now planning; but this present enthusiasm of yours is still very similar to grass fire, which also immediately fares up in powerful flames, so that one thinks: if things continue so, in a few moments the whole Earth will burn! But in a few moments there is an end to the great grass fire, and afterwards one hardly notices where the easy great pile of grass had been burning!

77,6. True enthusiasm increases like light and warmth of the rising sun. If the light and the warmth of the sun appeared in the morning like the midday glare in Africa, it would be very destructive for all the plants and animals, which every good and experienced farmer can see already from the so-called glimpse of the sun.

77,7. But a glimpse of the sun is when the heavens are covered thickly with rain clouds during a storm and it is already raining; but suddenly, if the Earth and its fruit are already somewhat cooled down, the clouds tear as a result of gust of air, and the light and warmth of the sun fall suddenly on the plants and the trees and on all sorts of tender animals, and behold, the damage caused by this is then greater than if it had hailed heavily for a whole hour! I only gave you this example in order to show you very practically how a certain often untimely enthusiasm spoils much more than it does good.

77,8. Therefore you should not want to now sweep out all the old and very fragile trees in your institute with one blow, but instead gradually with an honest enthusiasm as if unnoticed, and you will only then spread true blessing in your institute! But with one blow, my friend, it is not possible! In addition you need some discussions among yourselves and then successful directions for the new miracles in My name! And if then everyone, not only you alone, are led into this new light, then only can everything old be weeded out with the best of success.

77,9. If a very wise farmer notices that weeds are growing along with the pure wheat, he allows it to continue until the harvest. Only during the cutting does he allow the weeds to be separated from the wheat, and thereby the wheat remains healthy, and the weeds are dried and burned on the field, and the ground is fertilized with it. You see, I Myself call that wise and done according to the truth!

77,10. Believe Me that I would be finished with all of Jerusalem and its Pharisees just as quickly as with that cliff in the sea previously; but this enthusiasm would bear Me poor fruit! Thereby everyone who learnt that I had carried out such devastation through My divine omnipotence would indeed fall to Me, but certainly not on the path of inner conviction, but instead on the path of self judgment. Out of fear and hesitation no-one would dare to move again; everyone would do everything that I demanded of him like a machine!

77,11. But would that then be a formation of free will as the main good of every human soul and a raising of the same to the highest potential of the divine, most free will, in which alone a very highest bliss in life exists or can exist?!”

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