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Chapter 79 - Intimations of the Lord on His last supper and His death by crucifixion.

79,1. (The Lord) "You see here the most eloquent example, namely, Me. You now know Me, My teaching and its true meaning for life. You also know My power, by means of which I could just as swiftly and easily annihilate this whole earth as I did a while ago that well-known ancient rock in the sea. But then I would have to tell Myself: 'If You wanted nothing else but a world full of children of Your heart and gave them their character and nature, it would have been better not to have called any earth into existence from the very beginning.' Yet, since the earth and the people are there, they must be maintained and guided with all love and patience according to the wisdom out of God, so that of all that this earth carries and contains, not one mote might be lost.

79,2. I even tell you: Of all the people on the whole earth, the worst and to Me most annoying men obviously are the Pharisees and doctors of the law in and around Jerusalem; but rather than judging them and having them nailed to the cross, I shall allow them to do the same thing to Me."

79,3. At this Roklus jumps up and says, “No, no, Lord and Master! That is taking patience much too far! For the sake of a handful of blackguards in Jerusalem – even if they all are dissolved into nothing – the Kingdom of God will suffer shipwreck neither on this Earth nor even less on the other side; therefore get rid of the black dragon’s blood and You will remain!”

79,4. I say, “You are now speaking as you understand this matter! Yet after some three years, from now on, your own spirit will teach of other and better things; therefore let us leave that now and prepare ourselves for the evening meal! This table is being extended somewhat, and you, now with Ruban thirteen in number, will find a very good place and represent an image of the future evening meal which should have a corresponding similarity with My last on this Earth!”

79,5. Roklus says, “Lord and Master! You are suddenly becoming mystical and puzzling; why and wherefore that?”

79,6. I say, “Friends, I would have many more things to tell you; but you could not bear it yet! But when after that last supper the Holy Spirit enters your hearts, he will also lead you in all the fullness of the living truth and you will only then understand completely what I have just said to you now. But now Mark is coming already with the plates; therefore let’s get ready for the cheerful evening meal! Your table is already prepared and laid.”

79,7. With these words Roklus bows deeply before Me, then goes to his friends and companions and says, “There is now no talk of leaving, we must first partake of the evening meal which is being brought out right now, and indeed at the Lord’s table over there! The Lord and Master wants things to be so, and there can be no refusal! Therefore now come quickly with me and take a seat with me at the free part of the table there where the lords have already been sitting for a long time!”

79,8. Ruban says, “Oh that will not be particularly good for us! We are nothings beside the great Lord of all lords of the Earth!”

79,9. Roklus says, “Let things happen as they will! The Lord and Master above all things wants it to be so, and we have nothing else to do except to obey, and that with the friendliest heart in the world! Therefore let’s go, so that no-one needs to wait for us! But at the same time I seriously have am very hungry and I am looking forward in my heart to a very rich and well-prepared meal! I also see whole jugs and beakers full of wine with the meals sitting on the table, and the blessed youth seems to particularly take care for our table; therefore just let us go there quickly!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-79 Chapter