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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-82 Chapter

Chapter 82 - Raphael's performance of miracles.

82,1. Raphael says, “It is not my will, but instead the will of the Lord that I am in your company, and we must obey that just as well as you and all created beings, whatever type and sort they may be. There is only a small difference in that we obey the will of the Lord not as blind people, but instead as the seeing, while all other creatures must obey the will of the Lord quite blindly.

82,2. But there is also the difference between you and me that I as a likewise spirit equipped with the freest will have made the will of the Lord just like my very own; but you have hardly yet realized that there is a Lord. There can hardly be any talk of recognizing His will; for you will only get to know this better through the scriptures that I have previously written down and given to you according to the will of the Lord.

82,3. If you have fully recognized the will of the Lord, accepted Him in your hearts and if you then are active alone according to this new will in yourselves, there will then be no difference at all between you and me; on the contrary, you will be able to perform even greater things, because you have already made the path of the flesh, while such a thing is yet in store for me, if I want to have exchanged my present pure divine service with the divine childhood. I wanted now rather to be what you are; but it depends alone on the will of the Lord, how and when He wants it!

82,4. But I do not demand that, although I wish it to be so; for I am also happy for myself to the highest degree and can sing nothing but: holy, holy, holy! to Him who has now become human with flesh in order to transform all the people of this Earth and all the inhabitants of heaven into His children – that is, if the inhabitants of heaven want such a thing and ask the Lord for it in their hearts! For even in heaven countless hearts beat for the Lord God full of the hottest love and also find the answering of their plea.

82,5. But remember this above all: the more of the recognized purely divine will you have accepted in your heart as diligent precepts of your life – in your heart, of course – the more wonderfully powerful will the effects of your will be from God!

82,6. The knowledge, recognition and praise of the recognized divine will is no good at all for you; for all that is an empty praise of all the great and wonderful events before your eyes. You recognize the good, beautiful and eminent and know it very well that it comes from the recognition and desire of the artist. But if we assume that you had the knowledge of it, but naturally not the will of the artist at all for it – would you be able to achieve something alone through the means of recognition? Or would you have indeed the will of the artist, but not his insight and skill achieved through effort and hard work, would you be able to achieve something then?

82,7. I tell you: the truest recognition, a firm will coming from God and a great skill in the use of the same must be available! Then you can indeed say to one or another mountain: rise up and throw yourself into the sea, where it is the very deepest! And it will unmistakably happen what you wanted!

82,8. But with the recognition and with the firm desire alone nothing or very little is achieved! The skill in the use of the will of God in the own heart one achieves however only through the power of pure love for God and thereby for one’s neighbor; for such alone correct love creates in the soul the living faith and an unshakeable very firmest trust, without which even the very most enlightened person can do nothing or very little.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-82 Chapter