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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-84 Chapter

Chapter 84 - The meaning of being a child of God on this earth.

84,1. Roklus, who had now become quite extraordinarily fond of Raphael again, says, “O, remain, remain! For now you can eat up a whole world before us, our love for you will be no less and our fear of you will be no greater; for now we know who you are and what we have in you.

84,2. But now something else! Indeed I know that you will already know in any case what I am going to say to you; but my companions do not know it, and for their sakes alone I will say the things out loud so that they will learn what I want from you! Tell me whether it would not be very doable for you if you became a member of our institute, at least as long as we have not achieved that perfection in life which would give us that level that we need so badly for the true salvation of humanity!”

84,3. Raphael says, “For now that cannot be since I have other responsibilities towards the Lord and the people in other places! But in some emergency I will always be among you as if called. In any case you have the calling from the Lord to work in His name – and that alone is more powerful than countless myriads of such as I! Remain in this name, which is called: Jesus = the power of God, and mountains will give way before you and storms and hurricanes will be silent, assuming that your behavior in life is such that you are worthy of this name! For this is the truest name of God in His love from eternity, before which everything bows in heaven, on Earth and under the Earth!

84,4. I do not mean here under the ground of this material Earth, which in general is a sphere like any other planet, and under that, exactly under us, there are lands, mountains, seas and lakes like here; neither do I mean the inner of the Earth, which is a great animal like organism for the development of necessary natural life for a whole planet; but instead with the expression ‘under the Earth’ I am describing the moral condition of all instinctively reasoning people on the countless other planets, on which there are also people; but they have only a very limited designation compared to the people of this Earth.

84,5. They also belong to the whole endlessly great creation and at the same time they represent the links of a chain but you are the pivots designed to be the children of God, and to bear with God and with us the whole endless creation of God from the smallest to the greatest! And therefore I place you on or above this Earth immediately after us previous inhabitants of God’s heaven!

84,6. If you now understand that as well, you have to pay all the more attention to the name of the very highest of eternity, from which you can very well see that God is your Father and you are His children; and if you were not, would He have come down to you from heaven and bring you up Himself according to His eternal greatest intentions which He saw and planned from the beginning of eternity for you, His children?!

84,7. But therefore you should now all rejoice above all measure that He as the Father of eternity has come to you Himself in order to make you exactly what He called you and determined you to be from the beginning of eternity!

84,8. But if you are undeniably His children and He has come to you without being called by you unworthy people, He will from now on certainly and more surely come to you whenever you call to Him in the full love of your hearts and say: ‘Abba, dear Father, come, we need You!’ You have received the calling however from the mouth and heart of the Father Himself, and I therefore so not need to make another. For this will remain true for eternity, and you can therefore very easily do without me for your institute; for wherever the Lord Himself is working, His heavenly messengers are very well dispensable.

84,9. But by the way, if you want to have me sometimes among you as a friend, you only need to call me and I will immediately be with you, if you remain in the love and order of the Lord. But if you ever leave the order of the Father for some dirty, earthly concerns, then naturally I will not come to you with a thousand calls, and even the all-powerful name of the Father will prove to be empty and ineffective. If you still have something on your heart, bring it forth, and advice shall be given to you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-84 Chapter