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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-85 Chapter

Chapter 85 - Transitions in the realm of the nature spirits.

85,1. In that moment as Raphael is giving Roklus further permission, as well as to his companions, to ask further if they had anything that was still on their hearts, suddenly a strong wind rises from the direction of the sea testing its power particularly on the luxurious tents standing near to the sea belonging to Ouran who was still remaining among us. The screeches of a lot of cranes can also be heard who are flying around in the air lost and in great confusion.

85,2. The new ships in the harbor begin to creak quite violently; for the wind becomes ever stronger and stronger despite the otherwise fair weather, so that Cyrenius says to Me, “Lord, the storm is increasing from minute to minute, and it continues like this we will certainly also be forced to change our location! The cranes in their chaotic flight do not mean anything cheerful either! The animals must have been very startled by something, otherwise they would never have left their nightly resting places! No, no, soon it will no longer be bearable! The wind is becoming more and more powerful and also quite perceptibly cold for our senses! Should we then head to the chambers of the new house?”

85,3. I say, “As long as I am with you, you do not need to fear either wind, nor its coolness nor any screeching animal! There is a number of unfermented natural spirits in the air, just as on the Earth and in the water; these have their periods and times to be active in their own way, so that they are capable of coming into a newer and higher sphere of activity.

85,4. Such transition periods of the natural spirits then always look somewhat stormy; that is all just as necessary for the maintenance and reproduction of everything, as breathing is extremely necessary for you for the maintenance of your physical natural life. If you have gone fast and have thereby brought the spirits of your flesh and blood into a higher excitement, then these unite and enter a higher level of being thereby; but the lower levels of activity become empty of workers in a way, and if they are not replaced by new workers in the very next moment you would immediately sink down quite unconscious and lose the whole life of the body in the fast progressing and also just as fast reproducing condition of inactivity of the lower levels of nature.

85,5. You see, through the light and heat of the day countless myriads of natural spirits released from matter cross over from the world of plants and animals into a higher level of being, and at very great temperatures of the day often more than can be made free from the crude matter of the natural spirits of the lowest level! And you will immediately notice how everything becomes so lethargic, so lacking in life and the plant world becomes faded and often quite arid. The reason for this lies in the fact that many more of the natural spirits of life have crossed over to a higher level of life than have been able to take an active possession from the lower parts.

85,6. Things happen approximately as in a big river which is nothing but a flowing collection of water from many thousand tiny sources. If you could make the five hundred thousand sources of the Euphrates ebb away, you would have fully emptied and dried out its bed in a short time. One cog truly drives the other, and only in the perfected human all the natural spirits of life who have risen from below have achieved their final determining, that is, as far as the human soul and spirit is concerned; but the flesh is and remains for a long time yet matter and in the end decays into all sorts of forms of life, which finally rise again to the point where their goal has been placed.

85,7. If you now consider that a little bit and take it to heart, this quite heftily blowing wind will not surprise you at all, nor even the screeching of the cranes, who as birds are on a higher level of intelligence and perceive first of all when from below too few of the principal natural spirits of life rise up into them.

85,8. The very significant heat of the day has raised many nature spirits to higher levels, and from below a significant and perceptible lack has entered in general, and indeed just in this part of the Earth. On the other hand in the north east of the Earth myriads of nature spirits from the lowest strata levels have been released from matter through the course of today, yesterday and the day before. At the place where they originated and became free they cannot expect accommodation so they move or pour into those regions which are devoid of them. The migratory birds, and namely the cranes, possess in this respect an extraordinary feeling and extremely sensitive life, they perceive as the first among all the animals both the overabundance as well as the lack of the named lowest natural spirits, become restless, fly up and each one seeks in the air layers in which it finds a superfluity of what was missing, which it acquires through an industrious breathing in and conveys the message through screeches that it has found what was lacking; this screeching of the cranes is accordingly a sign of comfort, but certainly also of discomfort.

85,9. This wind is now blowing from the north and is filled through and through with those first and lowest natural spirits who have already come here in significantly reduced number, which the pharmacists call oxygen. Its coolness is therefore not harmful to anyone for the time being, because it animates, strengthens and physically refreshes our limbs that have become very limp. This wind however will last about an hour and will then calm down, and you will all be very cheerful and alert and the wine and the bread will taste good to you.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-85 Chapter