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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-86 Chapter

Chapter 86 - On the nature of the diamond and the ruby

86,1. Cyrenius was perfectly satisfied with this explanation and asked Me then concerning the negroes who had gone from our sight an hour ago, and who he had not seen at any table taking supper.

86,2. I said, “Equipped with everything necessary, they left here already more than an hour ago and will now be already a good three hours’ journey away! I let this happen for the sake of the Essenes, because they above all are so addicted to miracles and would have immediately ordered some of them into their institute, whereby the good that I plan for this institute could have been significantly foiled. In the place of one or the other negro, with whom at least the very rambling Roklus would quickly have united, I placed Raphael, who certainly knows how to occupy that sharp comprehending man and also to immediately occupy him for his best and for the best of the familiar institute and for the best of the suffering humanity.”

86,3. Cyrenius says, “Oh, I am very sorry for Oubratouvishar; for that was truly a paragon of human nature wisdom! I would just like to be there and see Justus Platonicus when Oubratouvishar meets him in Memphis and tells him surely exactly everything that he has experienced here!”

86,4. I say, “Well, then you would hear everything that has happened here in the several hours of the Negros being here and what was said being told correctly and exactly like two peas in a pod! For this type of person firstly has a very good memory, and secondly – which is a very main point – they know no lies and have no secret agenda; therefore neither will they withhold anything from the leader of Memphis. In any case you still have a most beautiful and valuable souvenir from them, namely the great diamond that has an invaluable worth for this world.

86,5. But since I have already mentioned the stone, I must also tell you something about the particular character of this stone. Because the stone has an extremely mirror-like surface, immediately a type of electromagnetic fire develops on its surface, or to make it more comprehensible for you: a number of natural spirits of the noblest type play on its extremely flat surface. They force themselves on in large numbers and surround it on all sides and create through their constant activity a particular brilliance of its facets, which then gives this stone in the eyes of people a particular value.

86,6. But the Urim (Ruby), which is also a type of diamond, also has an almost equal value; only the diamond is a bundle of an eon of spirits of wisdom without deception which are difficult to separate, the reason for its extreme hardness – while the Urim is a bundle of love-nature-spirits, therefore it is red, has somewhat less hardness and a great number of natural spirits of love constantly gather around its surface, particularly when it is very well and very finely polished, giving this stone a very particular shine, which is not seldom visible even in a pitch black night, like a matt glow, even to the fleshly eye.

86,7. If you now attach the two mentioned stones to your chest, you are setting thereby a number of natural spirits of love and wisdom mechanically into the nearest connection with the external sphere of the life of your soul; these spirits are then excited by the scent of the life of your soul, become very active and create thereby in your soul a greater light, in which light the special intelligences of the natural spirits then also create a mirror-like reflex in the soul, whereby the soul momentarily must cross to a higher and deeper knowledge and in this way becomes more clear-seeing than otherwise in its present earthly circumstances.

86,8. For this reason then even Moses ordered the high priest through his brother Aaron to wear the Thummim and Urim plaques on his chest, and indeed at the time of his rule, whenever he was in a position to prophesy something.

86,9. But from now on instead of the mentioned plaques the true love for God and its wisdom will work the same and in a much higher and more living measure; but despite all that, I have told you the particular character of both these mentioned noble jewels only for the sake of your knowledge.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-86 Chapter