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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-88 Chapter

Chapter 88 - Faith and reason.

88,1. (The Lord) “A true disciple of My teaching shall never accept anything rashly without first examining it carefully. Only after he has gained a deep insight and inner conviction of the whole shall he accept as living truth what is good and true and then, with prudence and wisdom, act accordingly. He will then certainly achieve those results which can justly be considered as blessed from the heavens.

88,2. [2] I am the Lord and Master of eternity and you now completely recognize Me as such. Since you are now totally convinced in your hearts about Who I am, I could say to you this or that, crooked or straight, white or black, and you would believe Me. A so-called faith on authority would, therefore, surely be indicated. But who among you can say that I demand, or have ever demanded, such a faith of anyone? Yes, I do demand faith, yet not one that is blind or dead, but one that is fully alive. I am teaching you truths which until now have never been heard of. However, I do not say at the same time: 'Do you believe that?', but: 'Do you understand that?' And whenever you say: `Lord, I still cannot understand one or the other thing,' I explain the matter by every possible means until you have grasped it all thoroughly, and only then take a step further.

88,3. By giving such an explanation in the first place I could indeed make My precept readily understandable for all. But I also know what and how much each of you can bear at one time. Therefore, I do not teach you more than you can bear and allow time for the seed to sprout and put down roots; and I make it a rule not to teach you anything new until the one has been thoroughly understood. I give you time to examine what was lectured on and demonstrated.

88,4. I Myself tell you: 'Examine everything and hold on to what is good and thus true.' If I do this Myself, how much more you should do it since you, unlike I, are unable to read men's thoughts.

88,5. Do not ever demand a blind faith of anyone but always show him why this must be so. If he is unable to grasp it with his intellect, spare no pains to guide him step by step with love and patience until he can comprehend your good precept thoroughly, for no ignorant person shall be your disciple in My name. Since I give you a shining light and life, you shall not be apostles of darkness and death.

88,6. He who seeks shall find; he who asks shall receive a true answer; and he who knocks at the closed door, to him let it be opened wide!

88,7. Nothing could be more useless than half an answer to a question. It is by far better to give no answer at all. And nothing could be more impractical than half an explanation on a matter of vital importance that should be thoroughly understood.

88,8. Therefore, whoever wants to be a teacher must thoroughly understand down to its roots and primordial depths what he intends to teach his brother. Otherwise it may be said that one blind man is leading another, and when they come to a ditch, both the leader and the one who is led will fall in.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-88 Chapter