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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-90 Chapter

Chapter 90 - Man's primary duty: to become a perfect image of God.

90,1. (The Lord) “Therefore leave these things untouched in their useful areas for the Earth; strive above all to become perfect people – yes, become as perfect as your Father is perfect, and then every poison of the plants and the animals will not be able to touch you!

90,2. Become what you are called to be, yet again that which the original fathers were, whom all the creatures obeyed; become through the observance of My teaching lords of the creations of your Father in His order, in which respect the negroes gave you a small proof, and in related circumstances there will be no enmity any longer, either among you nor between you and the creatures placed beneath you! But if you step out of this order, you will have to let the old curse and strife come upon you again.

90,3. In these days indeed will My kingdom need much force on this Earth, and those who do not take it with force will not take it into their possession at all. Later it will be easier however; but without a certain fight, at least with oneself, My kingdom on Earth cannot be won. For if this present life on Earth is just a battle, how much more then the true, spiritual life on the other side, particularly if it should express itself as desired citizen on this earth. But the battle will nonetheless be an easy one for everyone who truly loves God! For this should be said to each of My true friends, that My yoke is gentle and My burden is light!

90,4. That you and all of you have understood everything very well, I see and say to you therefore also now that you are already equipped with everything that you need for the spreading of My word and My will. According to the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah here everything has now been fulfilled in the past days, and so a day’s work has been completed here.

90,5. Whoever recognizes all that and observes it faithfully will unmistakably reach perfection in life and will never feel death, neither perceive anything of that sort; for whoever has already woken the eternal life of the spirit in the body will perceive in the decay of the flesh nothing but freedom, blessing him above all in the highest clear consciousness of his perfect being fully and most correctly, and his field of vision will be expanded into endlessness.

90,6. But the unfinished ones will face something else in the decisive moment! They will firstly have to bear great pains in their body, which naturally increase until that moment which is called the moment of separation. Besides these unavoidable pains of the flesh however also fear, terror and in the end also a sort of despair will come forth in the soul and torment the soul even more than the burning pains of the body. And if the soul becomes free of the flesh it will on the other side often many years according to the counting of time in this world have to do, in order to only reach some sort of human consciousness; but there will be no talk of a full spiritualization perhaps in eons of the years of this Earth.

90,7. Therefore you will do great good things for your brothers, if you take the same effort and patience with them as I Myself have now taken with you.

90,8. Good to you and your brothers if you in the end will also be able to say to your brother: Brother, I have completed my work with you, act now accordingly and perfect yourself according to the order of God shown to you, the Lord of all life and existence in eternity!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-90 Chapter