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Chapter 92 - The Pharisees' offense and anger over the joyful meal of the Lord.

1. Mark, from a distance, had caught only half of My demand for wine, but already he hurried away into the cellar, like a true innkeeper, and together with both his sons brought several jugs full of the very best grape juice right away. Our beakers were filled to the brim; everyone drank to the wellbeing and prosperity of the new teaching from heaven, and no one could praise, vaunt und bless the quality of the wine enough.

2. Roklus and his companions were sitting at our table as well, though at the part that was newly added, standing right across, and that they were provided with the same wine as all other guests as well, goes without saying; none of us held back from reaching for the beakers, and the good bread was not spared either.

3. However, the fact that I Myself did not hold back either when it came to the wine and bread, was noticed by the table of Pharisees, which was situated right next to ours, at which were sitting the 50 Pharisees together with their spokesman Floran and their leader Stahar from Caesarea Philippi.

4. Stahar remarked to Floran in a booming voice: "Now would you look over there, how this prophet, supposedly filled with the spirit of God, is actually a drunkard and veritable glutton! And it appears He has no qualms with the female sex either, for that particular, charming lass is sitting so very close to Him, almost as close as both of His ears! In comparison, let us consider our moral statutes, proceeding from Moses himself, as well as everything that makes man impure! Should He truly be filled with the Spirit of the Almighty, then, by His deeds, He cannot possibly contradict the same Spirit Moses was filled with!? Hm, hm, this is quite concerning!

5. His teaching and deeds evidently prove that He has been granted greater abilities than any man was ever given, and whoever lives according to His teaching cannot be lost before God; but whoever drinks and eats as He does, will hardly enter Paradise before the Day of Judgment, as was prophesied by Daniel! For it is written: 'Fornicators and drunkards will not enter the Kingdom of God!' What do you think of this, my ever highly esteemed Floran?"

6. Shrugging, Floran says: "The current drinking bout does appear a little strange to me! So strange, in fact, that the whole thing is starting to smell of a hidden devilry of sorts! It hardly seems to have anything to do with divine things! Hm, hm, look over there, He just filled His beaker again! Ah, ah, this is indeed more than somewhat curious! And now a piece of bread right after the drink! Well, well, we will see if He gets properly drunk, and what kind of teaching He will then give to his disciples!"

7. Says Stahar: "Your comment, particularly the thing about the smell of devilry, seemed quite appropriate to me. This entire comedy becomes more strange by the minute! We may have indeed allowed ourselves to be molded into His disciples, but under such circumstances it would be very much in order, in my opinion, to renounce this honour again, for all of this appears to me more and more like a well-calculated illusion of Satan! Daniel does clearly state that, in time, a powerful opponent of God will rise up among the people and perform such signs, which could entice even the chosen angels of God, should He allow it, that is! In the end, could this be the described opponent of God!? Friends, if this is the case, then it would be high time for us to take our leave, otherwise the living Satan will catch us shortly with neck and crop!"

8. The table of 50 Pharisees had entertained such notions and illustrations ever since I emptied My first beaker of wine. But Roklus and his companions took notice of this, and they have had it up to here with the Pharisees anyway.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-92 Chapter