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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-93 Chapter

Chapter 93 - Roklus' stern lecture to the Pharisees.

93,1. Roklus, who had fully convinced himself of My divinity, could not lend a patient ear to this terrible talk any longer; he stood up, equipped with quite significant courage from the wine, and said loudly, “In such a most rare company on Earth where God, angels and we, His intelligent beings, camp together as brothers, pigs should have no table and no place! Indeed the pigs are surely also the creatures of God, only they do not belong to the company of man! What sort of stupid, very craziest gossip! If any hungry pigs begin to grunt, there is certainly far more wisdom in it than in such a speech! Short and sweet, the most foolish, most disgusting and also most domineering and evilest was, is and remains a Pharisee, particularly such a leader and a very most miserable scribe of the Jews!

93,2. These monsters scent the devil everywhere! They find and even teach that the devils constantly hunt all the human souls like hounds on this Earth in a secret hunt and every person is definitely of the devil and lost if he does not carry consecrated amulets from the temple with them and does not renew them at least twice a year; but they do not notice at all that they themselves are the very worst devils of this world! They should therefore neither wonder if they perceive something of a smell of a devil in their nostrils; for that would suit the devil well, to be even a truest, incarnate devil and not feel from time to time that one is really a devil!

93,3. You disciple (Raphael), you got rid of a stone earlier – would it not be possible for you to finish off the fifty mangy pigs as well?! Think about it, what these lads dared to say out loud! He, the only Creator of wine and bread, is now sinning because He Himself is drinking wine and because a certainly very most innocent little angel of a girl is sitting at His side! Ah, allow me, who has recognized the Lord, as long as I am here, this cannot be here at all! They must be got rid of! They have heard and seen so much – and now they are saying out loud: It could be that this is all an illusion of Satan! My friend from heaven, I am only of this Earth; but I cannot put up with this for the price of my life, that such pigs should sully the Holiest of all holiness so shamefully with their dirtiest and most stinking drivel! Away with them!”

93,4. Only now the fifty became aware of Roklus’ outburst, and the leader Stahar rose and asked Roklus with a serious face, “Friend Roklus, are your words directed at us by any chance?”

93,5. Roklus says, “Who else then? You are the black brood of Satan and can therefore bear no light! How can you dare to sully the Lord and Master of eternity, who has already delivered you so much of the most extraordinary proof with word and deed, so shamefully with your old very most disgusting drivel?! Do you not fear then that even the surface of the Earth will take revenge on you?! Who can He be who calls to the cliff in the sea: Disappear and become nothing!, and the mountain disappears in the same moment?! Can a devil – according to your description – ever preach humility and the highest love for God and the neighbor?! Oh, you enormous oxen and donkeys at the same time, how terribly barren and confused must it be in your brains that you do not see that a devil, if it is according to your ideas, must be the very most powerless and therefore the very most pitiful being according to all measure in comparison with the Lord God, the further it is distanced from the full order of God!

93,6. But if as a consequence of the wisest and truest word of the Lord all power and strength exists only in the love for the Lord God, what power and strength has then your Beelzebub, who is full of the bitterest hate against God, in his ignominious character? But if even we people are weak and powerless beings through a lack of correct and true recognition of God, and surely also only through a lack of true and all-exclusive love for Him, how much more then your devils, who should know God very well, but hate Him above all measure comprehensible to us! Now – if it is possible that a being, recognizing God fully, nonetheless hates Him above everything – truly in order to understand that and to digest it, the pig’s stomach of a Pharisee is needed! Such a stomach indeed does not take in any pig’s flesh; but the reason seems quite naturally to lie in the fact that one pig does not eat the other!

93,7. I now love the Lord God more than everything in the world, where I have only recognized Him a little and feel how my love for the Almighty is constantly growing with my constantly increasing awareness, and I feel it most livingly in me how my willpower is also becoming effectively stronger. As I now stand here, I will take on a thousand legions of Pharisaic devils alone! All together they will not move me a hair from this spot – and the fellows claim that this Holy of the Holiest of God is performing His works with the help of your imagined devils!? Oh, you devilish pack of scoundrels, I will scatter your all-powerful devils! It is just right that the fellows finally got in my way!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-93 Chapter