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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-100 Chapter

Chapter 100 - The return to Chotinodora.

100,1. Thereupon the disciples joined us again except for Judas Ischariot. He took the trouble on himself to teach the inhabitants the use of the various tools and ate and drank from house to house; for he wanted to have something for his troubles. We allowed him his joy and under some good conversations we travelled up to Chotinodora. When we arrived there, the sun started to approach the horizon and we also were becoming a little tired and went into the house of Jored, namely into the already familiar hall. There we caught up with the two disciples and the four priests who were taught by them, and soon a large crowd of people of the house and from the village arrived and busily enquired about everything that might have occurred during our short journey to the little fishing village.

100,2. Now, this lead to a mutual storytelling and a great many amazements until the sinking night. Only the serving of the evening meal brought some calm to the tongues and the citizens of the village left us gradually, so that we could enjoy the meal in greater peace.

100,3. When we had finished the meal, only then Judas Ischariot arrived and his searching eyes tried to find out whether the meal was just beginning or already ending. But he found it already finished and willingly surrendered to his fate. Jored offered to prepare something for him, however, Judas did not allowed this and only asked him for some bread and wine, what was immediately given to him.

100,4. However our Thomas could not let him get away altogether, since through Me he became aware that Judas Ischariot had heavily enjoyed the wonder wine from the new village. However this time Judas Ischariot pretended, as if he did not hear Thomas, but nevertheless went outside after emptying his quite sizable mug of wine and we did not saw him again for the rest of the night. Outside he found a person with whom he conversed about the events of the day, who also invited him to his house, where he was served a good and copious late night meal.

100,5. When we were still sitting at the table, the wives and children and other servants of the five priests appeared to find out what has happened to them since for the whole afternoon they could nowhere be seen where they usually met with their family members.

100,6. And the wives raised very serious words in connection with what is going to happen in future, since everything is destroyed now, what otherwise was part of their service.

100,7. But the priests admonished them very seriously for such questions and said: “We - and not you - were the priests of the human old and incorrigible blindness and most hideous stupidity! Now we know something else and will rock solidly stay with it. If however, the incompetent, old and totally false gods have fed and maintained us for our empty service, most certainly the one and fully true, almighty God will also provide for us, if we truly serve Him alone! - And now do not ask us anything else; tomorrow is still another day on which your female, silly curiosity can be satisfied!”

100,8. Also this quite good and serious rebuke of the five priests to their families had a good effect; they were quiet and patiently went back home again.

100,9. Hereupon a few good subjects were discussed and the twenty new disciples said among themselves: “O, if this village would be Jerusalem, what blessed life could be there! But if all this would take place in Jerusalem what has taken place today here, it would excite the clerics even more and nobody of us would for one hour longer be sure of his life. And there the children of God are supposed to be living and here are purely dark and lightless heathens?! Just stop talking about the children of God in Jerusalem! Here are the true children of God - and in Jerusalem the children of Satan!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-100 Chapter