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Chapter 101 - The Lord explains Daniel's visions.

101,1. Said one of the twenty who was a scribe of the temple: “Lord, since all things are known to You and also are possible for You, You could explain a little to us the Prophet Daniel, especially his seventh chapter! Indeed, this strange seer provides a peculiar explanation about his vision of the four animals, - but the explanation is just as vague as the picture he saw which filled the seer with horror. - Could we not receive a closer explanation about this vision from You?”

101,2. Said I: “O, certainly; but also for that, this is not the place for it, since these people only know very little or even nothing about our writings. In addition also you have penetrated your - say - transcendental spirit far too little and still have become too little one with it to understand the vision of Daniel and grasp it in its foundation. For even if you narrowly would understand the first two animals, you would not be able to understand the last two, since their being and effectuating is saved for future times. How could one brightly enlightenedly present to your only natural mind something, which has not even occurred yet on this earth and will only take place after many centuries from now on?!

101,3. The only thing I can tell you, is that the four strange animals do not represent four side by side existing kingdoms, of which from the last still ten new kingdoms will arise according to the number of the ten horns, on which still an eleventh horn grew in the centre of the head of the animal, causing the tearing out of three of the previous horns from the animal, but rather indicate from the beginning of mankind on this earth four great subsequent people-periods, which studies of the past requires a lot of chronological historical knowledge and for understanding its future a fully opened spiritual eye is needed, which can see beyond time and space in the light of light and life of life.

101,4. See, as such the last animal will have teeth from iron and devour everything around it and the eleventh horn has eyes like human eyes and a mouth and speaks great things!

101,5. Yes, I say to you that it inevitably will happen like this; but even if I tried to explain it to you a little, you would understand as little about My explanation as Daniel fundamentally really could understand the explanation given to him by the spirit.

101,6. Daniel’s devout soul was quite well suited to see such visions like in an animated dream, but he could not understand them, since his transcendental spirit out of God could not and has not yet become one with his soul, because I was not there yet in the flesh to make such complete unification possible. This full unification will only then become fully possible, if I have ascended to My old and afterwards also My new home country.

101,7. From this you quite clearly can see that My explanation about the whole seventh chapter would be of absolutely no use to you.”

101,8. Said now Peter: “But Lord, if at another opportunity we will be completely alone again, You could give us a few hints about it! For I now say myself: The prophets, namely the four big ones, have written down a lot, just like Moses, Elijah, David and Salomon, but for whom? Except for us, no even so wise scribe has understood them properly, and also we understand very little about them, and those who will come after us will surely not be much better off. And still these books are written for mankind and for no other creature. What use are they to the people if they will never understand them?”

101,9. Said I: “O, there you are greatly mistaken! If those books of inner spiritual wisdom would have been written so that every natural world mind would understand them at a first glance, people soon would put them aside and not even looking at them anymore. What use would it then have for them?!

101,10. But as such the books contain encompassing spiritual from the simplest creature to the deepest heavenly-divine and therefore cannot ever be fully understood by no natural world-mind, but only by the pure, perfect transcendental spirit of man.

101,11. The very non-understanding of such scriptures is a waker of the spirit in man and shows him what and how much he still lacks for his life’s completion. He therefore will quite often take such scriptures to hand and think about them, whereby from time to time the one or the other will become more clear to him. If he thus by his troubles and zeal found a small light of the spirit, he will become more and more strenuous in his studies of the inner, spiritual truths and in this way will gain more and more light and also attain a closer connection with his inner, transcendental spirit and will then also be able to provide his fellow-man with a more brighter light which will be very beneficial to them.

101,12. However this would never occur, if these scriptures would have been given in a purely natural way; and if it would have been given in this way, no spiritual and heavenly-spiritual could have been imbedded in the words as I have shown you already quite often.

101,13. What would you say if I tell you that shortly after 2,000 years, calculated from now on, firstly this My teaching will be in a much worse state than now the worst paganism and will be even worse than now the blindest Phariseeship in Jerusalem, which from now on will not last longer than fifty years?! What will you say if I reveal to you that the people of that time will invent and produce large artificial eyes whereby they can look into the great depths of the starry sky and will set up completely different calculations as the Egyptians have done?! Yes, the people will make roads of iron and will drive with fire and steam in cars made of iron, as quickly as a shot arrow flies through the sky! They will fight each other with firearms made from iron and will carry their letters by lightening into all the world, and their ships will move through the power of fire on the large oceans of the world without sail and oars, so quick and easily as an eagle glides through the air; - and still thousand and again thousands of things of which you cannot have any idea.

101,14. And see, all this is contained in the fourth animal and cannot be understood by you, because you also cannot understand what I just now have explained to you! But in the spirit you will be able to understand all this shortly and you will not be able to give to anybody another explanation as I have given it to you at this very opportunity. Nevertheless will I give you later at a more suitable opportunity a more closer explanation about this. But for today we have sufficiently done right and good and thus want to take our bodily rest!”

101,15. With this also this evening was concluded and all went to take the necessary rest; for according to time it was already quite late. Only the five priests and Jored have conversed for quite a long time in another room with each other about everything heard, seen and that has taken place.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-101 Chapter