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Chapter 103 - The good testimony of the priests' wives about the Lord.

103,1. We now arrived at the grove and the women and children and servants were most actively busy, to free the paid wailers on the tree branches and the cats from the bushes; but the wailers on the branches were like nailed on and nobody dared to come close to the cats since they were quite fierce and terribly bit and scratched everything because of the pain they were suffering.

103,2. When the priests found their wives in such state of desperation they asked them what they were doing.

103,3. One of the women, namely the wife of the Minerva priest, who was still the most valiant among them, said to her husband: “Oh, see, yesterday we worked out a ploy against you to bring you back again to the old, very profitable pagan gods! You see here a few howlers and wailers sitting on the branches of the trees and in the bushes several cats, who all made the howling when you returned, to frighten you, for you left the gods because of the great magical acts of the artist who arrived here the day before yesterday and have totally destroyed our very profitable position with one blow.

103,4. But our ploy went dreadfully wrong. See, either we have seriously offended the old gods because of our wickedness in the holy grove, or the great magician, since the punishment for our transgression is more than obvious before our eyes! The howlers and wailers on the branches are like nailed to it by an invisible force and are not able to move from their places despite all their efforts, and nobody can get near the cats in the bushes; since they look more like the fiercest furies than any pets, they are biting and scratching terribly and therefore cannot be untied for any prize in the world. We are at a total loss here and do not know what to do. What should we do now?! O, the most misfortunate thought through which we have allowed us to be deceived!

103,5. What about the great miracle man?! Can’t he help us since he is actually to blame for all this, thereby, that he destroyed the god images through his inconceivable will power and turned the holy lake into a solid earth?! Thus go to him and asked him for it on behalf of all of us!”

103,6. Said the priest: “This will be of little use, but you must go to Him yourself! He is standing there surrounded by His disciples. He knows quite well about you and revealed such to us in the house of Jored, otherwise we would not have come here. He wants and will help you; but first you have to go to Him yourselves and asked Him for forgiveness.

103,7. Thereby that you have fabricated this, you have not sinned against the old gods who never ever existed anywhere except in the phantasy of the blind people, but only against the great, almighty God-person, who in His great love for all mankind specifically have come to us to free us from our long lasting, great misconception and to show us and give to us the only most true light of life. Through Him works the true, everlasting, unfathomably wise and almighty God. This is a truth which cannot be denied by anyone who only from a distance has witnessed His deeds. And if someone has not seen His deeds, which are only be possible for a God, but has listened to His teaching from another mouth, faithfully and genuinely reproduced, he will soon quite easily discern that such teaching can never originate from a person than only the one and everlasting God; for only a mouth of a God can speak such words like this which penetrates the heart of people like living flames and create in the same a consciousness, of which no person could ever have the slightest idea. Therefore go to Him yourself in all humility and love and ask Him and He will not let you go without listening to you!”

103,8. Upon this for a Minerva priest truly good and true persuasion, his wife hurried to her companions and said to them the same what her husband has told them. This had a good effect and the women with their children and servants came to Me and asked Me, lying on their knees, for forgiveness and that I should free those sitting on the tree branches and the certain animals in the bushes.

103,9. But I said: “Who does not know what he is doing, does not commit a sin and therefore you have no sin! But in future, since you now know who I am, you would fall into coarse sin against all divine order, which instructs you for ever about the best and wants you to become fully blest, not so much temporary but the more so for everlasting.

103,10. But how a person can attain all that in this life here on earth, your husbands will tell you. And now go and see whether your prisoners are already free!”

103,11. Thereupon the women, children and servants thanked Me and went as directed. And when they arrived, they found all who were caught, fully free and overjoyed.

103,12. They then immediately came back to Me and thanked Me on their knees that I have freed them from such great fear.

103,13. But I asked them to get up from the ground and said to them: “What you now have seen and know out of the mouth of your husbands, this you should also teach in all patience and gentleness to your children and servants and later also to the children of other parents, and thus establish a true school of life in My name which you also will learn from your husbands and you will be flooded with blessings from the heavens - thus like there is an island in a river surrounded by the water of the stream and serves as nourishment for its plants, shrubs and treas and does not need a worldly rain falling from a dark cloud covering the light of the sun. Remember this and act accordingly and you will penetrate from death of this world into the life of the spirit just like My physical human part is penetrated by the spirit of God! And if you truly believe in My name, you will be helped by God in every way; since I am the living band between God and the people.”

103,14. When the women, children and also servants discovered the salvation of these My words in them, they said: “Yes, truly, truly, no person can speak like you, o great, god-filled Master! Who listens to you, does not require any other sign anymore, since already the words are the most clearest proof of who must be hiding behind you. You seem to be a person, but You are only a person according to your holy skin for our eyes; but underneath your skin everything is God in you and the ears which are destined to listen what is inside a person - like his thoughts, wishes and decisions which he expresses by loud words -, hear from Your mouth only pure divine, and therefore You are and will be for us, o great Lord and Master, the only God! And our later descendants will tell with the greatest glow and warmth of life, how we as their great-great grandparents have truly seen God and have spoken to Him and were taught by Himself and how we have recognized Him in His words and signs, which he effectuated before our eyes.”

103,15. Said I: “Good! Stay with that and I will always be with you in the spirit - already in this world and in the beyond in My kingdom, which I now particularly prepare and arrange for My friends of this world in the inner of every person who has a good will and our purely spiritual and most blest togetherness will forever be without end.”

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