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Chapter 105 - The Lord's disapproval of the haughty, critical women.

105,1. Said I: “My truly with quite a lot of reason gifted women! Here on this spot I will not talk but in the house of Jored, where you can go if you want to. But I say to you in advance that it will be quite difficult with you, until you will recognize in yourselves, that only your flesh is mortal but not your soul, because you have founded yourselves already from your youth in matter and flesh and therefore cannot see, feel, observe and perceive nothing else than what the coarsest matter puts before your eyes. - But for now nothing further about this anymore!”

105,2. Here the women, children and servants thanked Me once again for what I have done for them and then went back to their quite luxurious dwellings.

105,3. However Jored asked Me whether he should invite them to the midday meal.

105,4. Said I: “Not quite so, since I love the company of such super clever women nowhere less than during a meal; for once their tongues get into action, they forget to eat and to drink and we would not be able to speak one word other than paralysing their tongues for a while. These women would truly have the ability in abundance to really speak someone to death.

105,5. Firstly they are daughters of a highly learned upper priest of the god Apollo and the god of Mercury, this means according to their pagan concepts.

105,6. Secondly they had a mentor who is well familiar in all sciences, who really confused their heads; for he wanted to teach and make them understand all the old wise from the bottom up, but did not took into consideration that all these old world wise of all known ethnic groups and nations, contradict each other to the highest degree, so that the knowledge and devotion to all these wise can never lead to a uniform life system and that such a person can never become anything else than a kind of haughty knowledge bin, who in the end do not feel any other desire in themselves, then to occasionally show how much they are surpassing others with all their knowledge and experience. And this is also the case with these women and already even with their children and servants. Just speak with such a servant and you will see what skill his tongue will unfold!

105,7. And finally thirdly are they women of priests and priest women themselves and must therefore ex officio be clever and wise, so that no other person can get close to them in anyway, - which is why also their children and servants as signboards walking like luminous heralds in front of them and the people finally have to feel and say: ‘Yes, if they already that wise, how wise must then be the priests and priest women!’ Yes, My friend, with such inner life composition their mentor’s spirit will of course not show itself to make good his promise!

105,8. Didn’t you notice how they hardly offered Me their thanks and when I promised them that I, if they would stay with My teaching, always would help them if they would call on Me with My name, which they would learn from their husbands together with the teaching. When I wanted to console and strengthen them - they immediately unpacked their concerns about the immortality of the soul? Do you think that they were seriously interested to hear with longing a rebutting proof from Me? O no, it was their only business to show Me how very wise they are and how much they were suited to found a new school of life in My name! From this you can see that I particularly at the midday table do not sit together with such women. However, after the meal they may come, about which you can inform them through their husbands.”

105,9. Said Jored: “See, Lord and Master, just like this I always have imagined these women and I could never really like them because they always wanted to be a thousand years ahead with their knowledge! And if one has said something from your own studies and experience, it always was said, although in a quite behaved tone: ‘I beg you to be quiet about that, otherwise we would be forced to leave; for this you do not understand and will never understand!’ Yes, even their husbands had to pull themselves together, to not be corrected by their wives in a discourse. - This were only my inner feelings at some occasions and now I see quite clearly that my feelings have not deceived me, and therefore I will ask them to come to me about three hours after the meal.”

105,10. Said I: “Very good! But go now and tell the men that the one or other should come to Me for a few words!”

105,11. Then Jored went and called the Minerva priest. He immediately came to Me and asked Me what I want from him.

105,12. And I said: “Friend, today during midday remain at home with your wives, otherwise, because of you, they will come to Me during the midday meal and bother Me with their stereotype world wisdom, which I do not like for I prefer peace while eating! However, around the third hour of the afternoon you can come along with your highly educated wives. But instruct them a little in advance about what you already know about Me, so that they, when I speak, do not make any remarks and objections! Since your wives are followers of the teachings of Diogenes, and with them it is quite difficult to converse about deeper matters; on top they are also sceptics and this is even worse! Therefore do what I just have told you! They nevertheless will cause us quite a problem this afternoon!”

105,13. The priest thanked Me for this advice and promised Me that he will instruct the wives properly and he stands for it that they will behave modestly in the hall of Jored.

105,14. Thereupon he went and also told such to his colleagues who were quite content with it, although they very much would have preferred to go together with us to Jored’s house, since it was already close to midday anyway.

105,15. And in this way also this not unimportant matter was settled and the worst part of paganism of this village was put on a better and brighter road.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-105 Chapter