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Chapter 106 - A scribe supports the opinions of the priestesses.

106,1. This place was important because for many heathens who undertook a pilgrimage, the temple was a second oracle at Delphi, and the priests and priestesses had already collected quite large treasures. Hence from here a better light could be poured out over a large part of the Asian Greeks and Romans, and therefore I stayed here a little longer than the previously visited places of the small and actual Galilee as well as the larger and non-actual Galilee.

106,2. We now returned on the same back road to the house of Jored, to make sure to thwart the income of Judas Ischariot he hoped to make; since beyond midday the many people did not wanted to wait any longer and some gave the disciple a few bitter words, because he kept them waiting for so long but nevertheless did not had an opportunity to see Me. But the disciple was hiding in the house for he feared to receive another kind of payment instead of the hoped for groschen.

106,3. We now entered the hall and the midday meal was already prepared and put on the table straight away.

106,4. But I said to all: “If the disciple comes, let him go and pretend as if he never was absent!”

106,5. I hardly had finished speaking when he entered the hall and greeted all quite friendly and also pretended not missing us during the morning. We however did the same and ate and drank cheerfully.

106,6. Not much was said during the meal, - only our twenty new disciples discussed the speech of the priest women; since they never had the chance to meet with such rock-hard stoics. One made this remark and somebody else another.

106,7. The scribe among them who also was familiar with the Cabbala (follower of the Jewish secret teaching) and also the completely lost book ‘The wars of Jehovah’ - which however the old Indians still possess today under the name ‘Sen scrit’ (‘I am hidden’) -, said: “One still has to admire the five women; for they have learned far more than often even the best taught Jews, and viewed from a physical life perspective, one cannot reprove them for their quite thorough opinions.

106,8. The visible death of all creatures is something before the eyes of a sharp thinker which takes away a lot from the Creator’s great glory and majesty! With His omnipotence He can maintain the earth with its mountains and oceans, the moon, the sun and all the stars, why not at least man, as he is, with body and soul?

106,9. And even if man in time has to discard his body and transform into an ever more purer spiritual being, the almightiness of the Creator could make it happen in a way that the body progressively becomes more spiritual and without the least disturbance transforms into the pure spiritual, or at least that a person in a certain mature age enters into a visible relationship with human souls from the beyond, so that he thereby for himself and his fellow-men receives a full assurance of the life after death. But about al this nearly no trace can be found on this earth.

106,10. Man is firstly born into this world more stupid and inept than any animal and must be cared for and fed by its parents for many years until he attains the necessary strength and insight to maintain himself, - and secondly, once he reaches adulthood to be able to move freely, he is enclosed by a large number of all kinds of laws and physically and spiritually so gagged that hardly no free breath is left to him. And I ask: What is actually his compensation for this? Nothing than the dear believe that he will be exceedingly better off after death, provided, he has fulfilled all the difficult to keep living conditions burdened on him by the law. Yes, all this would be quite alright if man would have a safe guarantee for this! However, with that it smells the most with all people!

106,11. One can read it in the books that the easy-moral ancestors had such guarantee. Yes, this is very good, and they truly can be congratulated for it if they had such! But we present day people can be congratulated for absolutely nothing; since we totally lack such guarantees, nevertheless we are just as well people as our ancestors. We are told of course that such cannot take place with us anymore because we have become too coarse sensuous and materialistic; but I am of the opinion that specifically there where man has went astray either misguided by his weakness or being deceived by any invisible devil, such guarantees from any spiritual world should appear even more so, to bring back the stray-walking onto the right path. But in general absolutely nothing of the kind is taking place.

106,12. That we few just happened to be so immensely fortunate to have You, Lord and Master, among us who through words and signs show us how and whereby a person is called and destined for an everlasting and spiritual life, is a far cry from being applied to all the people in the world and even for us, only insofar, that we have to believe You that it is so because Your pure divinely signs and works provide a solid support for our faith. But the works of Moses were also spectacular and forced the people of a certain time period to fully believe; but in time all extraordinary signs came to an end and the people became weaker and weaker in their believe and therefore are now standing on the verge to regard and in advance feel an everlasting non-existence as the biggest fortune. Since for the total passing of all things they daily have many proofs, but for the everlasting continued existence not one!

106,13. That things in this world are like this, hopefully nobody will be able to deny, and one truly can not blame the priestesses if they reason like that in these times and make their opinion known in this way, as they have examined this in all of nature through diligent studies. Why did the spirit of their late mentor did not returned to them as he so dearly promised them during his life on earth? And why did the spirit of Samuel obeyed the power-words of the witch of Endor and foretold Saul his end? Yes, these are quite strange things which man along natural-reasonable ways can forever not understand!

106,14. One can provide a person with a lot of light and reassurance through words and teachings and confirm it by extraordinary signs; but by a far cry there can be no talk of a conviction in one’s own living consciousness! - What are You, Lord and Master, are saying to this my surly very forgivable opinion?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-106 Chapter