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Chapter 107 - Communication with the other world. Evidence of the continuation of life after death.

107,1. Said I: “For the time being not much or even nothing; since you are not yet ready to form a true, clear and right idea about all spiritual matters!

107,2. Do you think that the people have been abandoned by God to such an extend that they do not receive any information from the spirit-world anymore? O, there you are greatly mistaken; but the people have willfully turned away from God and have started to look for everything in matter and became active for only this and thus have completely turned away from the spiritual. No wonder that they do not want to hear anything about the despatched spiritual guarantees of life after the total death of the body and in fact do not want to hear anything at all anymore!

107,3. How often have such people who conversed with the spirits and with the angels of God, been stoned to death by the Jews and Pharisees as cheeky liars, because they did not wanted to hear and to know anything about an admonishing spirit! If this is the case with many hundred thousand, is it no wonder that any harmless seer became hesitant and kept his visions and convictions for himself?

107,4. Where the old Simeon and the old Anna in the temple not a great light from the spiritual world, for both conversed daily for hours with the angels of God? Who believed them? They even wanted to converse on a certain day with the spirits of heaven with the eyes, ears and mouth; even this was allowed upon the request of Simeon. But what was said about this extraordinary appearance in the temple? Simeon and Anna have collaborated secretly with the Essenes and Egyptian magicians to set up such devout haunting! There were hundreds of eye-, ear- and mouth witnesses! Why didn’t they believe it?

107,5. The later high-priest Zacharias also had visions. Who believed him? But when even they noticed that the visions of Zacharias were the full truth, what was done to him?!

107,6. When his son (John the Baptist), filled with the spirit of God, preached in the desert and the Jews became convinced about the fullest truth of his speeches by all kinds of signs, couldn’t they have done as he taught them? O no, they became full of rage and poisonous annoyance, caught him and imprisoned him, and the rest you know!

107,7. Now I am here with the most highest spirit of God and show you by words and deeds that it is so and still you doubt the truth of My words! Tell Me now yourself: What greater and more durable guarantees about a life in the beyond should I give to you?

107,8. Or should people who are destined through the unlimited love of the Father, to fully become His children, and not without any judgment of their soul-parts be born into this world without any already developed higher ability of life? Must they not first acquire through all kinds of lessons and practise various knowledge and skills according to their free will and thereby work on their god-resembling life-perfection like young, upcoming creators themselves, for which the Father in heaven always supplied them with all possible means and still keep supplying them?

107,9. Why do I say to you: ‘Do according to My teaching and the everlasting life will most brightly reveal itself!’? But if so, how can you be still so blind and say, that the highly stoic wives of these priests are basically right if they talk like that? O you very blind fools! If I wanted it and it would be of any use to you, I immediately could open your inner vision and you would see yourselves surrounded by a host of spirits in all directions! But what would you say then? I tell you: nothing else than the stoic women! You at least would think by yourselves as follows: ‘Yes, for as long we live, feel and see, it is easy to deceive us; but go to the cemeteries and tell this to the dead, - they will not hear, see and feel any of it!’ And I say to you: You are quite right; since they are certainly not destined to live although also in them are still judged soul-life-particles which according to their complete ripening will be awakened to a free life for another individual.

107,10. Only the soul is destined for a possible everlasting existence; matter however, as matter can not be destined for an everlasting existence, because in itself it is just judged spirit, thus only for a certain time a fixated will of God, which cannot forever stay like that, for in God, among all others, particularly also the will is free and holds a thought of God for only as long as the same is necessary to achieve a higher purpose.

107,11. There forever cannot exist anything without God and outside God anywhere. What there is in the whole, everlasting infinity, is out of God and in the grounds of grounds spiritual. That it appears in a world as fixed matter is caused by the pertinacious firmness of the divine will; if it ceases to maintain a thought of God, for no physical eye not the slightest trace could be seen, although the in this way dissolved thought of God had to exist spiritually in God forever.

107,12. Say, from where have I taken the earth with which I have covered the lake, or from where those substances with which I yesterday improved the earthly properties of the poor fisher people, and to where has the material of the three gods gone? At the lake and at the fisher people My thought was fixated by My will and with the statues My fixated will was released and My primordial thought was freed and became spirit again. And therein also consists the explanation of the signs I performed here for you. But that I am also a Master of the spirits and all life, you have as a solid witness in the son Jorab whom I awakened from full death to life. Can I give you even more proofs for the continuing life of the soul in the beyond after the falling-away of the body?”

107,13. Said now the scribe: “No, my God, my Lord and Master! Now I am above all fully in the clear. Yes, it is so and it can impossibly be otherwise! But Lord, if soon the wives of the priests arrive, let me mercifully talk to them for a while and I will drive their Diogenes out of them in a way that they later on will not ever think of Diogenes again!”

107,14. Said I: “Yes, yes, do this, for it is already revolting to Me to deal with all kinds of stoics! But be careful that in the end you are not pulling on the shorter end; for these women in their own way are quite competent and know how to state their case.”

107,15. Said the scribe: “Lord, with Your help leave it to me!”

107,16. When he finished speaking such, the five priests with their wives arrived.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-107 Chapter