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Chapter 110 - The scribe's speech on the nature of God.

110,1. Said the disciple: “O my dear, wise pagan priestess! You speak wisely according to your perceptions but at the same time you do not have such a wrong idea about the good Godhead, - but nevertheless you do not know the true being of God and if you would know it, you then would exclaim together with the wise from the past: ‘It is awful for a sinner to fall in the hands of the almighty God!’ God is full of the highest love towards those who recognize Him, love Him and keep His commandments, - but a thousand times woe to those who does not recognize Him or, if they have recognized Him and know His commandments, but in their hearts nevertheless turn away from Him and do not keep His commandments!

110,2. See, history shows us quite amazing examples about the most glowing judgments of rage over whole nations who did not wanted to recognize God any longer and did only what their senses desired! But because God always punishes such totally stubborn sinners and opponents of His holy will with the most unappeasable and sharpest judgments and often extends these to the children and grandchildren, we cannot otherwise than to accept with great certainty, that in the one and only true God also dwells wrath and revenge, and this even more so, since such property can also be found prevailing in all His creatures!

110,3. In us creatures it depends only on which of the existing properties we prevalently have lived and acted upon; since also God will meet us with the same properties. If we are good, wise and affectionately towards God and our fellow-men and mercifully, humbly and patiently, also God will act towards us likewise. He will awaken in us the consciousness of an everlasting life and we will be flooded with all kinds of blessings. But if we are the opposite, then God will treat us likewise and constantly punish us and this for as long we not have bettered ourselves according to His will. And see, therein also consist the highest justice of God, and without such property God could impossibly be a perfect, true God!

110,4. Since God, the all-seeing, omniscient, and all-feeling must also be able to judge what is good and what is evil, this means, what is inside His everlasting order or against such, and He either must teach or punish the creature which He equipped with reason and a free will and whom He wants to elevate to a higher purpose of life on this earth by a just upbringing.

110,5. Our only true God is therefore all in all. He is the highest and purest love but also the highest and most unforgiving justice Himself. My dear, if you live for zillion of years but always acts against the already recognized will of God, He would not listen to you even if you asked Him for a thousand years on your knees that He should free you from your misery. But as soon as you take the step in all seriousness to elevate your will through actions to His will, then God will also listen to you and will help you in the same measure you have accepted His will. See, this is a true and correct perception of the only true God, who created heaven and earth and everything what there is out of Himself! - What are you saying to this?”

110,6. Said the priestess: “Yes, yes, this sounds a little better and contains a lot of things which is confirmable by nature! But I am an independent thinking being, have a mind and reason, and I search but do not find a God, - and where is the person who could tell me the proven true will of God, so that I can act accordingly? Or did I have concluded a contract with the most loyal true God before this my present existence, where the conditions have been set up under which I have been born into this world and what to do?

110,7. Nowhere exists anything about this, and man comes into this world without his knowledge and will, to first endure quite a lot by his strong parents because of his own ineptness and weakness, which however is good since the very weak child would soon perish without their support. In time however this child becomes a strong person and the too strict obedience towards the parent’s will become considerably more temperate, - but then comes the obedience towards a higher will of God and impedes man in all his free directions of life up to his grave. Now, all this would be quite alright, if one have obliged oneself to God for it beforehand; but about this nowhere not one syllable can be found and brought to a living memorable consciousness!

110,8. We people apparently have been brought into existence by a great power. This teaches us our self-consciousness. But who this power is, and how it is made up, is quite another question. We only know that it must be there, since every action must have its cause. But where is this cause, what is it, how does it look like and how does it work and act? Who can look for it, who can find it and who can hear its voice and will and who can see its face?

110,9. What we know about this force and power until now we only know from the mouth and from the devout imagination of people and mainly from those who through their peculiar abilities were also familiar with the secret forces of great nature and who also were able to make these forces serviceable to themselves over their lifetime in an astonishing manner. This kind of course rare people, which we called so to speak half-gods, normally used their natural talent as a means to provide the people with teachings and laws in the name of one or also several gods and the gullible and blind people believed them firmly without doubt and even helped the wonder-doer to set up unbearable hard laws for themselves and their descendants and to sanction them with the cruelest penalties here and also in the beyond. When afterwards equally wise and talented people equipped with many extraordinary properties, tried to end this old and rusted nonsense with the best intentions of the world, they often soon became the sad victims of the old gruesome laws. And this was always the case on this earth and will remain so in future, because it is the nature and temperament of our earth that something truly good cannot exist for long on its surface, but instead the more stubbornly and prevailing the bad and evil.

110,10. Strew the purest seed in a carefully cultivated earth and irrespectively a great quantity of weed will appear in between! Strew the seed of weed into the earth and you will not see one wheat-ear growing by itself among the weed! Thus man must always maintain the good with a special diligence and he will be very busy to protect it from all kinds of destruction. But despite all the diligence and zeal of some very estimable people, in time their great troubles are ruined like great, beautiful city which once was the lustre of the earth, of which later on nobody knows where it once stood.

110,11. I say to you, that you earlier on has truly given me a quite acceptable definition of the concept of God; however, you the speaker are just a person and I, as your listener, am nothing more, and I can tell you nothing else than: Your explanation was not contrary to pure reason, - but it nevertheless lacks the most important, namely the necessary clear proof, that in all seriousness such a God exist of whom you have stated quite good and acceptable things. If you can do this, you have done a good work to us all and we will know how to praise you.”

110,12. Said the scribe: “This by you demanded proof can nobody else give you than only yourself, - not even God; since this must be awaken in you by yourself through your actions according to the true, revealed will of God! Since therein lies the very proof for the attainment of the everlasting life as a living true confirmation, that the revealed will of God to man is not man made but is the everlasting true and living word of God, which in itself is life, love, power and wisdom. - More I cannot tell you, since this is sufficient for everyone who wants to live and act accordingly; for with all the criticizing nothing can be gained for the life of the soul anyway. However, if you want more, then turn to our Master and Lord, who will be able to tell you more!”

110,13. Said the priestess: “Friend, this I would have known even without you’re here totally unnecessary advice! But you have immediately started talking to us and therefore the better way of living demanded from us to speak to you; but it appears now that your wisdom has come to an end and now you refer me to the great and wisest Master! This is alright; but if you would have done this right from the beginning, I and all of us would have preferred this.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-110 Chapter