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Chapter 114 - The snake as a role model.

114,1. Said Peter: “Lord, why do You say: that we should be clever like snakes? Snakes are the symbol of all evil and bad, a symbol of Satan who through guile in the figure of a snake deceived the first human couple! The snake in its wickedness maybe quite crafty; but what honest good person want to copy its wickedness in his approach towards his fellow-men?! In short, this allegory I still do not understand properly! Explain this to us!”

114,2. Said I: “For how long I still have to put up with you! Can’t you see what lies so sun-clear in front of your eyes? Did I not say that you should adopt the clever cunningness of the snake, but not its evil purposes related to it, therefore in possession of such cleverness one should nevertheless stay good and gentle as doves?

114,3. Just observe a real snake and you will find that this animal is cleverer than any other on earth. The scientist say that the lion is the king of the animals, and I say to you that it is the snake; for even if the lion, because of his strength, defeats all other animals in a fight, he still flees the snake, and if it surrounds him in its cunningness, he is lost and becomes its pathetic prey. In short, the snake possess the greatest consideration and selects the location to hunt with the greatest care and almost exact calculation, and the prey for which it lies in ambush, never gets away. Only man is its master, but otherwise no other creature on earth, especially once it has grown up and has reached its full strength. I speak here about real snakes and not of its smaller variety who are nevertheless more clever than many large animals.

114,4. In India and also in Africa where there are all kinds of tearing animals - like lions, panthers, tigers and hyenas, also evil baboons and still other evil animals -, snakes are trained by man to become their surest and most dependable guards. Where snakes are guarding the dwelling of man, irrespective of its size and composition, no predator ever comes close near the place; even elephants and the mighty rhinoceros are shying away from these house-guards. They also cause no harm to the domestic animals if provided with the right food by humans. But if the people let them starve, they leave their dwellings and start to hunt.

114,5. At the same time snakes can be tamed and trained by some efforts to such an extend, that upon a given sign they do everything what one wants them to do - depending on their ability. This is also a sign of the special intelligence of these animals. The more intelligence an animals possess, the easier it can be trained for a good use and the more clever it is in and by itself.

114,6. I now have made a real physical science teacher for you, and thus think about it so that you do not ask Me again for an explanation if I call your attention to this allegory at another opportunity! - Did you understand Me what I wanted to say to you by this?”

114,7. Said Peter: “Yes, Your name be highly praised; for all things are well known to You and if You explain something, it becomes clear to people and therefore also this is fully clear to me! However, in future we will know how to behave in similar situations.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-114 Chapter